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I was curious if anyone else is interested in astrology/horoscopes? :nerd_face: :stars:

I’ve always enjoyed reading about my sign (Capricorn) and my “traits.” When I was little, my mom and I would read our horoscopes for the week.

I’ve been reading about these fun collabs that incorporate your sign (anyone tried these?)

I’m also a BIG fan of Co-Star. Has anyone else downloaded this app? It’s eerily accurate.

So, not to sound like a cheesy pick up line, but what’s your sign, and do you feel like it fits you?


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@April-MSA, I am not very well versed in astrology but I can tell you that I collect Virgos (my husband and close friends are) and they all have such similar traits.
I am a Sagittarius, btw.


Virgos are fabulous! Easy going, funny. Some of my best friends growing up were Virgos.

Sagittarius is a great sign, too because you are known to be creative! :hearts:

Virgo queen, reporting for duty


@April-MSA, @Jessica-MSA,
That second meme says it all. My Virgos are all perfectionists… but also really caring!
As a Sag, I feel a bit like a letdown to my sign in the arts facet, but I think my creativity may come out in a different way - I am sort of a creative problem solver. At least I tell myself I am!


@angelatrupo I so feel you about not fully identifying with your sign! You come across as a very fun-loving, creative person to me!

As a Capricorn, we are labeled as pretty rigid, cold, which I don’t really identify with, haha. I identify with the workaholic part for sure but Caps, in general, are supposed to be pretty closed off emotionally and I don’t think I am, I’m a bit of an open book haha maybe too much sometimes :laughing:

@Jessica-MSA I love that Oprah meme I gotta find the cap one!

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I’m on the cusp on Capricorn and Aquarius, which is pretty spot on for me. I’m ambitious, stubborn, and disciplined but also sensitive and a little eccentric. Funny thing is that I was born on my mother’s birthday, and we’re a lot alike. Kinda eerie!


@Lindsey-MSA, I had no idea you are a Cap too! But your organization and thoroughness make a lot of sense! :star:

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I’m a Virgo too and this sums it up’


I’m a Leo. A fire sign. I HATE fire. My heart is always near water. But I was born prematurely. I was born in August (on Friday the 13th!) but wasn’t due until some time in September. @April-MSA Does when you’re born vs when you’re supposed to be effect your sign?


Oooo this is an interesting question! :thinking:

If I can become kinder to myself and less stressed I would become unstoppable

@Kate.Kemp this is a fantastic question, and it has gotten my wheels turning!

I want to do a little more research and then come back with my findings :female_detective: #nerdalert

I am a big fan of the water too! Hence finally moving to a coastal town after so many years. Since Caps are an earth sign, when I was younger I totally did not vibe with it. I was like “Ew why do I get dirt and not something cool like air or water” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Buttt as I got older it makes sense because I just love to be outside. One of Wyatt and I’s favorite pastimes is to just sit on the grass in the sun. But I feel you with the fire sign. My mom is an Aries and she is quite firey haha.

I’m going to gather some more deets on your question and bring them back here :star:


I’ve also heard something about moon sign or rising sign (or something like that) that can effect the personality. I don’t know much about astrology, my mother was heavily against it (for religious reasons) so I’m not too knowledgeable.

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YES! This is very much a thing! So when I started using the co-star app it showed me that my moon and rising sign is Cap, so I was even more confused why I don’t totally feel like a Capricorn :laughing:

@Kate.Kemp, so I did a deep dive on if there is an influence on your expected due date vs. being born on a later date. It seems the astrology community believes that your sign is entirely determined/based on the moment and day you are born.

I still find the Co-Star app to be the most comprehensive and accurate of any astrology-based platform I’ve used. It’s free too (for the full rundown of your natal chart and daily reading) :grin:

For ala cart options or additional features, it may be 2.99 annually, but the free option gives you a TON of info. Plus, it’s fun because you can cross-reference with your friends and find out the dynamics of your relationships play out. Example: My best friend and I are referred to as a “Power couple” it’s a lot of fun!

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I was born on time to my knowledge, but my sun, moon and rising are an earth, fire and air. I’m always drawn to water, so maybe it’s what you’re missing?

@April-MSA the image you posted made me LOL so loud that it woke my cat up! I’m a Leo; which says I day-dream that in an alternate universe I’m dating a celebrity. Yup. Elon Musk. LMAO

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hahaha yes!! I loved that one. I always wish Capricorn’s were more creative, though I did chuckle at the World Domination :laughing: :laughing:

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@comedytragedy how was the birthday yesterday?! :heart_eyes:

@abbyholsinger Happy Happy Birthday to you, and I hope you are having a fun day :partying_face:

@Lindsey-MSA and any fellow Cap’s, (or anyone really!), does this speak to you? Because it really spoke to me ha:

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Yep, this tracks. :upside_down_face:

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