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Lots of fun! And low-key which is my preference!
And oof on the emails, I’m a freelancer so every minute of every day is emails

I literally have to move the app around on my phone sometimes because my thumb just decides to check my email as though someone has emailed me in the middle of the night.

I did have a few directors in college who were middle of the night emailers, and if I was already still up and it would take less than a minute and zero brain cells I would just reply. One was also a professor of mine and so we would be in class like

after emailing each other at like 2am (I had homework, I think she just never slept lmao)

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Dang @April-MSA, you’re a triple threat! :goat:

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Y’all, gird your loins. Mercury goes retrograde on Friday :weary:

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I concur; I am very susceptible to Mercury Retrograde’s “ways.”

Full honesty: I’ve never really understood what this means. And yet, I’m still feeling like



Mercury Retrograde (in my experience) is a time when “communication” is often compromised. Lots of misunderstandings occur, that typically wouldn’t. Technology is often on the fritz. Or you may experience an extended string of unfortunate events or bad luck.

But, all is not lost! We have ways to combat or neutralize these not so fun times:

@Lindsey-MSA so basically expect me to think I’m in trouble every time you want to ask me a question. Also maybe do a reminder we have our Friday zoom

not necessarily astrology related/adjacent but something we can maybe treat ourselves to if we are feeling the heat of Mercury Retrograde:

saw there were a lot of fun brand collections

How was everyone’s first weekend with our friend Mercury Retrograde?

I think we’ve established I have zero self control, so I wanted to share my latest purchase:

Colourpop Lunar Collection: Roar at the moon lip set

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Virgos are fecking picky. They’re also stubborn and are only not difficult when you can please them and pleasing them in any way is damn near impossible. They do have fine minds and can be pretty dang clever but they’re kinda difficult. They pick at you.

Welcome to the forum @aidanbaby,
As a Virgo collector (husband and best friend to name a few) I agree that they are picky. The pickiest.

You’re a Sagittarius? Don’t you find that often unintentionally offend them? Even if you don’t offend anyone else? My son is a Virgo w/Mars and Venus in Scorpio. I catch stuff from decades ago that he even forgot about.

I often offend my husband - he is very sensitive.

Welcome, @aidanbaby ! :partying_face:

I’m glad that there’s another sign that is identified as being stubborn, besides Caps :laughing:

Excited to have you here! :purple_heart:

Then there are beneficial aspects to both of your birth charts that make you more compatible. For example: I also have Mars and Venus in Scorpio and am a Libra so I am very stubborn and am forgiving of my son’s occasional a-hole-ness.

Is this for real? I mean is it actually accepted in astrology circles? I ask because I’m not really feeling Sagittarius but Ophiuchus fits me much better.

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Dropping this here in case anyone has any Aquarian birthdays to shop for! :joy: