August Ipsy bags- what are you getting this month?

The 2nd of each month has its own morning routine like no other morning routine I can reliably stick to- waking up and making my IPSY selections before even getting out of bed! I got a glam bag X this month, and I’m pretty happy with how my bag turned out! I didn’t want to try a ton of Keys products, but the one chosen for me is one I’m happy about! The first choice category was filled with multiple options I would have loved, while the second and third were kinda meh (I wish I could have nabbed the glow recipe eye cream instead of the dew drops but the eye cream was in the same category as the powder foundation and I’ve been wanting to try some new powder foundations).
I’d love to see everyone else’s glam bags, glam bag pluses, and glam bag xs!

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This is a great one! I recently canceled Ipsy & am sorry to miss out on the glam x… I just didn’t want to get the monthly sub anymore.

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Could you keep an active sub but just skip every month that isn’t the X?

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Nope - Ipsy’s policy is that you have to get a bag (either regular or GBP) the month before a GBX month to be eligible to get GBX. So at most you can skip 4 months to get GBX. I’m sure they do that to avoid people working around the “GBX is not an independent sub” thing.

I wish! I’ve tried multiple times before and it flagged.

Oh wow! I had no idea!