BEAUTYLISH 2022 Lucky Bag!

Thanks for understanding, @Sherri. I kinda felt like a brat for not loving it but on initial impression, it just doesn’t spark joy.

@Jessica-MSA You’re not a brat if it doesn’t spark joy!! Last year’s Beautylish box was a total bust for me! I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the texture of the powders… if it’s blendable, easy to work with etc.

@Sherri I totally see what you’re saying when it comes to the Hindash palette. Since I earn my living as a makeup artist, that palette intrigues me, because I love a full face option. Anything multipurpose in my world is a win!

@Jessica-MSA I was wondering if you’ve used the Wayne gloss before? I’ve only had his lipsticks and blush, along with his brushes. And the make up brush you got is killer!

@Caryn i can definitely see your point about the value in multipurpose face products- blushes just scared me. But question- I feel like blushes are usually applied with a bigger/fluffier brush than the size of the pan in the palettes. How do you apply it properly without your brush picking up other colors?

@Jessica-MSA I just made a super quick little video to show you a pick up technique… That is my personal make up brush and a cover fx palette…

EDIT… For some reason I wasn’t able to upload video, so here is a pic of the brush palette I used….

What you do is you tap in roll the brush into the blush, shake off the access blocked it on the Kleenex and then lightly sweep it on your cheeks in a soft mini circular motion….


@Jessica-MSA This is a highlighter brush that has a fluffier end, but it’s also smaller… You can also use a larger fluffy crease brush to pick up the blushes and highlighters without being so big and getting your product all over…

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@Jessica-MSA Lastly, if you use the side of the brush versus the top to apply to the cheek, the look will also be softer & more diffused ….

So I’m looking through these pictures uploaded, and it’s hard to tell you think what I’m talking about. Does it even make sense lol? I would be more than happy to give you a free virtual run down if you’d like… Feel free to send me a PM! :heart:

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Okay, so I need to use a smaller brush then what I’m picturing. Lord knows I have plenty though. Thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed answer :smiling_face_with_tear:

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@Jessica-MSA I don’t know if you saw my edit above… If you want to, I’d be happy to do a free mini virtual walk-through with you…

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@Jessica-MSA - definitely not a brat! I mean, you feel what you feel. And that’s the whole thing about mystery bags/boxes, what could be one person’s total dud could be the next person’s best box ever.

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I got the same palette and feel the same. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was an eyeshadow, blush, or contouring palette. :flushed: I was really hoping for a Wayne Goss or Tom Ford palette.

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Hey @michellew925 - welcome to the forum! Sorry that you feel the same way about this palette- what else came in your lucky bag?

Hi! :wave: Thanks for having me; excited to be here!

I’m too warm and cozy in bed to go get it from my car, but I’ll post a pic tomorrow! :joy: I know for sure I also got a Wayne Goss lip liner and lipstick (nutmeg), Hollifrog moisturizer, Yana? #3 brush, and a Viseart petite eyeshadow quad with warm colors (golden and brown). (I may be missing something else. :thinking:)

This was my first luckybag purchase (XL). Knowing there’s always a risk going in, I rarely complain about subscription or mystery box contents; I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed in this considering we paid over $175 with shipping. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Thankfully we have MSA swaps for trade our unwanted items like these! :heart:


Hello ladies of the forum -

I was pleasantly surprised by the large heavy nature of my lucky bag/box today.

It was huge said it was only 1.8 lbs I think not and 19x17x15 in. That it was!!!

And I opened it up and inside was a large box to one side and lots of black tissue paper of course under the beautiful lucky paper and card. And here is what I found….

to my surprise!!!

A Good Molecules Mini Beauty Fridge -yes the one they gave away as part of a bundle not to long ago.

Smith and cult in bite your kiss nail color

verb Ghost Oil

viseart petite fours chocolat eye quad

good molecules hyaluronic acid boosting essence

herbivore prism exfoliatiating serum

wayne goss lip pencil and lipstick mauve/amaryllis

sonia g sculpt 4 make up brush

natasha denona bronze cheek palette

charlotte tilbury instant eye palette in Smokey eyes are forever

I think all in and all a pretty good Lucky box… not sure how much I’ll use most will go up for swap but exciting to say the least!


@michellew925 Please share your pics tomorrow! It’s fun to see all the different varieties… And the swap forum is great for trading out anything you’re not in love with!

@jordana That’s quite the haul you have there! Which items are your favorite?

@michellew925 I bet if you put it up for swap, you can find some really cool things!

Congrats on getting one of the mini-fridges! You got a great lucky bag!!!


That’s a hard question nothing jumped out at me at Yes I’ve been wanting that but I will definitely use the cheek palette with sculpting brush. The rest I may swap :blush:. Thanks for asking! The fridge will be gifting most likely to my mother.

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@jordana the mini fridge would be a fun gift! I have one in my makeup studio & love it! That cheek set looks fantastic. I’m sure you’ll get some great swaps for some of your other items!