BEAUTYLISH 2022 Lucky Bag!

@jordana i got that Charlotte tilbury palette for Christmas and it is absolutely stunning. It may already be my favorite eyeshadow palette ever.


My contents as promised!
VISEART Petits Fours Palette Bullion RV$25

Yano Series Brush 03 Highlight RV$75

DANESSA MYRICKS Twin Flames Multichrome Pigment Obsession RV$26

SURRATT BEAUTY Artistique Liquid Blush Cantaloup RV$45

GOOD MOLECULES Glycolic Exfoliating Toner RV$14

WAYNE GOSS The Essential Lip Pencil RV$14


The Luxury Cream Lipstick Nutmeg RV$28

HINDASH Beautopsy Palette RV$70

HOLIFROG Grand Amino Cushion Cream RV$60

Total RV $375

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Caryn, I got that Hindash pigment palette and would love to swap for ND palette . Are you on the swap site? We can do a swap that way if you are up for it!
Hope to hear back, Annette

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Welcome to the forum, @muttelfam ! I hope you’re able to work out a swap :slight_smile:

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@muttelfam Hi Annette! Responded to your swap request… :wink:

So glad this worked out, thank you very much!

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I’m not a swapper here, but I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to swapping for a swatched powder item, since palettes like that are easy to sanitize

I would never swap for a swatched/tried mascara, liquid lip or anything like that, but if it’s easy to clean and you’re upfront about it I’d imagine some folks would be open to it!


Thank you! I’m shopping today or tomorrow am at the latest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Caryn, I left a message in your comment section of the swap, hopefully you saw it. It was about my mailing address.

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@michellew925 Your Beautylish haul looks awesome! What are you loving?

My review is up!


Jessica please list the nail polish for swap!