Book Corner: What's everyone reading?

The library is probably one of my favorite places :books:

I usually alternate between reading 3 books at a time, what’s currently on my nightstand:

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo (She’s an incredible writer, it’s hard to put into words her talent)

  • Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain by Danny Goldberg (my 90s obsession runs deep)
  • Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors by Clemence von Mueffling
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I’ve always loved books!

I remember when I was a senior in high school I asked my mom for a book about Kurt Cobain. She said NO. LOL So one school day, during lunch break, my friend and I raced to the mall and I bought that Kurt Cobain book anyway!!

It doesn’t sound like much of a rebellion but I was not a rebellious kid. So that was a big deal for me! @April-MSA thanks for bringing back that fun memory!

As for what I’m reading now, I too have numerous books going. I’m trying to read “Wuthering Heights,” because it reminds me of a friend, but I hated it in high school so we’ll see if I make it through.

But I’m really enjoying
Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, Vance, Ashlee, eBook - He’s been my idol for years!! I find him so inspiring; especially since I started my own business.


Ah, I love this, Kate! My mom had many mixed feelings about my music listening; she was always like, “What’s going on with that Courtney Love” :rofl: I don’t know if you enjoy Podcast’s, but there’s a great one that I think you’d dig called: “You were wrong about” and they did a whole deep dive on Courtney and Kurt and it was fascinating. I’ll DM you the link if interested. It inspired an article I published last year on my “Miseducation of Courtney Love.”

I dig the books on entrepreneurs (like yourself!). I think that’s a great way to stay motivated and get ideas on how to streamline things. I’ve mentioned to you before I think it’s pretty rad you are creative and have the business mind because not everyone does!


I’m a Book of the Month devotee, and I keep all of my “to be read” books on a shelf in my bedroom. Here’s a shot of what’s there now:

My two favorite genres are romance and sci fi, and I’m currently most excited to read Dark Matter, Project Hail Mary, Malibu Rising, and The Holiday Swap.


@Lindsey-MSA Ah, I love this bookshelf!! I’m going to snap a pic of mine and share it later today :heart:

I enjoyed Malibu rising, plus I’m a sucker for colorful book covers.

Thank you but I really, really don’t have a business mind! LOL I’m artsy and creative but terrible with business. That’s why my bestie and I are partners in our polish company. She’s the financial and business half. Though I can do marketing because that’s creative.


Reckless Girls. I just started but I got sucked in quickly.


Ooooo this is right up my alley! I just put it on hold at the library :nerd_face:

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I got reckless girls for my January BOTM so I’m about to start that

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For cozy mysteries I’ve been into Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries - it’s an Australian series set in the 1920s and they’re smart and sweet books that are engaging but not too difficult.
I do prefer the TV series though since the storyline has a different direction and the visuals are STUNNING

I worked at a bookstore for a while so my book collection has gotten gigantic but I think up next is going to be a few Beckett plays!


Ok, first off, @comedytragedy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :partying_face: Any unique birthday plans today?!

My bday is the 13th, and @Lindsey-MSA is also a fellow Capricorn! I’m going to be adding some cool things to the Astrology corner this week (if that happens to interest you!) so keep your eyes peeled :heart:

I’m going to check out Miss Fisher’s series as well. A good mystery is everything. I am more into horror myself, but any good horror or suspense writing, I think, has to weave a level of mystery that is intriguing and makes your mind work. I also love that you worked in a book store because, along with library’s it’s my favorite place to be :nerd_face:

I liked that @Lindsey-MSA shared her bookshelf so I wanted to share a pic of my main one:

I’ve organized it in kind of an odd way haha.
-The top shelf is “Women who inspire me” (my grandma, Dolly, fellow artists, and activists I work with)
-The second shelf is the “spooky section” with a few of my favorite children’s book illustrators
-Third is more of travel, science, inspo “self-helpish” section, haha

I’d love to see your book collection at some point!


Thanks :birthday:!! And happy almost birthday to you :tada: I think most people I know are January babies (and/or capricorns, I know a few December caps and a few January non-caps so it balances out)
Waking up to a Forum invite was a nice surprise!! I’m just hanging out at home today which is a welcome treat!

That’s a great way to organize! I’ve been meaning to grab Songteller, I just struggle buying books now that I don’t get a discount any more :joy: Did you hear she’s co-writing a mystery with, I think Patterson, or else JD Robb (Nora Roberts)? I’m pretty sure one of those two, definitely one of the book-a-month big names

My collection is mostly in milk cartons at the moment since I am sorting and redoing things (a process that may take months at the rate I get distracted :joy:) but I have bookshelves in my bedroom closet that I think are going to become a tiny library! My plan is to have one case of shows I’ve worked, plays, old books, and art books! And the other or more will be childhood books, fiction, non-fiction and textbooks. I might move them onto the main shelving in my room and hide other stuff in the closet, but I need a UV treatment for my window first since I don’t want to risk sun damage on them!


I’m currently reading People We Meet on Vacation, I really like it so far. My favorites from last year were The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Song of Achilles

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I LOVED People We Meet on Vacation!! Beach Read (also by Emily Henry) was also great. :slight_smile:

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I love that your Forum invite arrived today! :partying_face:

I did NOT know about this mystery collab?!!!?? I’m extremely excited!! Songteller is wonderful! I highly recommend it. It’s beautiful and probably belongs on the coffee table but sometimes Wyatt (my pup can’t be trusted ha). There are all these rare beautiful photos, and I am a sucker for her fashion in general.

I like that you still have Childhood books too!! I also have textbooks I couldn’t part with from college. I bet you have some great Art History ones. That UV treatment is a good call, I’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows near that shelf, I didn’t even consider this!

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A history of wild places by Shea Earnshaw


Ah, I just read a little bit about this. It sounds very interesting, I’ve always had an interest in the origin of Fairytales in general. Very cool! @gnoheatherl

I’m half way through so will update you when I’m done!

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I just finished The Christmas Pig by J.K.Rowling, and she’s done it again- it’s such a cute story, very fun to read even for adults.

I’m also reading The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah, it’s a very powerful story. And if you read and liked Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, you’ll love this book, since it tells you about the struggles and life of generations.


Loved Pachinko, and The Four Winds is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.