Candle Supplies Question


I’m looking for a very specific thing, and I was hoping that this super intelligent community could help!

So I’m thinking about purchasing a golf ball candle to use on a birthday cake, but most of them are just flat bottomed and not meant to be placed directly on the cake.

I came across this item and the little white thing is exactly what I could use for the golf ball…are there any candlemakers out there, or maybe you just know, that have any idea what this is called so I can go buy it, or maybe you have another idea of how I can put a golf ball candle on a cake?

Thanks in advance!

What about something like this? An edible on attached to a tee? Or you can make your own with a real golf ball and glue it to a golf tee and use that as the base. There are also golf silicone molds you can use just to make the golf ball from that.

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I guess I could use a real golf tee :eyes:

There are these thingies (ok, I didn’t know what they were called until I looked it up, I only knew they existed) called flower nails. They are used for cake decorating, specifically to make icing flowers to be transferred onto a cake. But they might work for your purpose - they come in different sizes, and have a round flat surface with a “nail” that could be inserted into the cake. Kinda like a golf tee but with a larger surface. I linked to just one exemplary Amazon listing.

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