Co/review Announcement + Giveaway: HelloFresh 📣

Co/review Announcement + Giveaway: HelloFresh :mega:

Our next Co/Review will be for HelloFresh, and this giveaway is juicy. There are FIVE boxes up for grabs! Read on to learn more about what Co/Reviews are all about and how to win a free HelloFresh box!

What is a Co/Review?

Co/Reviews are community reviews designed especially for the MSA Forum. You can think of them kind of like mini book clubs. In each co/review, we’ll announce in advance the box or brand that will be up for discussion, and we’ll give away some boxes to help fuel the conversation. You’ll find details on how to win the complementary boxes in each co/review announcement post, but regardless of whether or not you win the box giveaway, you’re welcome to join the conversation when the co/review thread goes live.

Want to win a free HelloFresh box?

Always wanted to try HelloFresh? Well, now’s your chance! We’re giving away FIVE HelloFresh boxes ahead of the HelloFresh Co/Review. Each winner will receive a box with 3 meals for 2 people, and you get to pick your recipes!

To enter, simply reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

Why are you excited to try HelloFresh? Are you looking for a convenient way to get dinner on the table? Ready to try some exciting new recipes? Looking to break out of a cooking rut? Let us know in your reply below!

See a response you think deserves to win? Make sure to “like” it so we know it has your vote! We’ll pick the winners on Monday and reach out to confirm meal selection.

Official rules can be found here.


Hello Fresh is highly rated among my friends and family! I would love to try it for myself.

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I’m excited to to try HelloFresh because I have a lot of chronic health issues and my husband has some health issues too as a cancer survivor. So we are trying our best to make healthier food decisions! We want to be able to eat healthy while still enjoying our food! I believe HelloFresh could help with that!

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We have a new baby at home, so we’re looking for meal subscription boxes to help make dinner time easier on our family. I’ve heard rave reviews about Hello Fresh, and this would be a great time to try it.

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I REALLY need to win!!! I have ADD and have the hardest time just trying to decide what to eat not to mention I am a HORRIBLE cook! Winning Hello Fresh would make my choice so much easier and maybe even teach me a little something on how to cook successfully :blush::woman_cook:t3::plate_with_cutlery::bowl_with_spoon::taco::shallow_pan_of_food::hamburger:

I am excited to try it because I just had a baby. This would make life easier.

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It’s hard to get motivated to be creative with meals when you are cooking only for yourself, but I really want to cook better, more interesting meals. I have fallen into a real rut and I think Hello Fresh would be the perfect way to help me break free and make dinner time exciting even though I’m the only one at the table.


I work over 70 hours a week and I’m always looking for creative ways to cook. I’ve heard so many good things about this company.

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Welcome to the forum @chrissiepaczek, @carla.dick, @ogeminichicko and @mboyce074!


I want to do some lunch ideas with Hello Fresh. I have been unsure of ordering fish. I have to assume it would be super cold and fresh? I want to cook some meals that I don’t buy on the regular. I have more time on my hands to cook things that might take longer to prepare. Thank you.

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I would love to try Hello Fresh again!
We subscribed years ago, and mostly enjoyed it. (Biggest trouble was shipping - sometimes arriving so late that some food was spoiled.)
But it’s great fun to try new recipes and cook with my family!

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I’ve recently tried Every Plate and have enjoyed trying new recipes. I would love to see how Hello Fresh stacks up to them!

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We’ve never tried a food subscription box and we are in a bit of rut in terms of our menu (we eat the same thing every Monday).

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I have tried Home Chef and would love to try Hello Fresh. There recipes selection seems superior to other boxes I have seen. In addition, I think my husband would actually share cooking meals if I had a kit that all he had to do is follow instructions!

I have two autoimmune disorders and ADHD. I would like to try this out and see if it makes taking care of myself easier.

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Welcome to the forum, @cannibidulia! Diet is a great way to mitigate illness, at least in my own experience.

Veggies that go bad before I can eat them make me feel so guilty. :laughing: I’d love to have just the right amount of what I need to make a healthy and delicious meal… guilt free! I have a diverse palette, but limited cuisine prep knowledge. I would love to have my culinary abilities upgraded to satisfy my adventurous appetite. Thanks and Bon Appetit, Y’all!

I’d would be ecstatic to try HelloFresh. I don’t really know how to cook, so these complete meals may be right for me so I don’t go the fast food route. The only thing that has stopped me from trying any food boxes are the costs, because of course you’re paying for the convenience. Winning this would be a real blessing.

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Welcome to the forum @Laney and @quinnce!

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Would love to win. It seems like my family is always in a rut in terms of what to make that isn’t the “same ole same”.