Co/review Announcement + Giveaway: HelloFresh 📣

There’s no “mincing” words. I need serious help in the kitchen. Ask my family!

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Hello Fresh is advertised EVERYWHERE! That’s gotta mean something right?!? Haha makes me want try it, even more so now that we are discussing it on here. Lol


Our current rotation of meals is ravioli, pizza, quesadillas, and PB&J. I’m certain I used to cook much more exciting food.
It would be great to find out if HelloFresh could get us out of a rut.

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I think meal kits will improve my dinnertime experience by simply having a recipe and all the needed ingredients ready to go and trying new recipes will help expand beyond our regular go to meals. I’m excited to try Hello Fresh because I’ve never tried a meal subscription and am super curious about all the things- the meal options, variety, freshness of ingredients and ease of recipes.

I am excited to try HelloFresh because I am a new mother. Since having my son, trying to think of healthy, but still tasty meals has been VERY hard. We have been eating a lot of macaroni and cheese and pizza, not going to lie. I think trying new recipes and getting back in the cooking game would greatly boost my kitchen mojo, and help get me back in the “ saddle”. Not having to put together a shopping list, remember to bring the shopping list, then getting through the shopping and successfully remembering to get each thing (all while juggling a tiny, needy human) - well, that alone would be epic.

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Welcome to the forum @lisabhelping, @jennys98, @tanyaboth24 and @rebekahscher!

This would be amazing to try! I am a teacher, so I feel so many times I don’t have time to make a healthy meal. It’s so easy to just heat something in the microwave. With hello fresh I feel I would be able to see how easy it would be to cook something good and healthy. I also feel like I’m always eating the same things, so some new flavors would be so nice.

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I am ready to up my cooking game late in life, and getting an easy-to-prepare meal would give me a boost! Thanks for the chance.

My husband and i are trying to eat healthier.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented to win a HelloFresh box! The winners have been selected…

Congratulations to: @rebekahscher @blairbrakefield @Laney @quinnce @woodall1880!


Winners, please check your PMs for next steps. To everyone else, thanks for participating, and keep an eye out for details on when the HelloFresh Co/Review will go live.