💇Confessions of a hair color chameleon: All things hair related 💇

I’ve been obsessed with dying, cutting and finding new ways to style my crazy mane since birth (much to my mothers dismay)

Anyone else look forward to their hair appointment or trying new hair products with an excessive amount of joy? :laughing:

I thought this could be a fun thread for hair inspo photos, hair products you may be loving (I still need to finally try R & Co)

or maybe a subscription introduced you to a new product that you love using. For me that was Living Proof from my BeautyFIX subscription

What products are you loving, and do you have any hair goals or hair inspo for Spring :hibiscus:

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Omg same! My hair has been blonde, auburn, dark brown… even platinum with dipped ruby red tips at one point during college. Things have been pretty tame lately. This is my current go-to box color:


In addition to being loyal with my hair color these last couple of years, I’ve also stuck with the same shampoo and conditioner, which I highly recommend to anyone with fine hair. The conditioner somehow manages to tame my tangles without weighing things down. :+1: :+1:



@Lindsey-MSA oooooo I would love to see that platinum & red-tipped style someday! I am the exact same as you, my hair has been every color of the rainbow.

I’m really digging this Verb shampoo (maybe it’s the word Ghost in the name :ghost:) but this could be a good option for me.

I have naturally curly/wavy hair so before I did the big chop last year, I attempted the “curly girl method” has anyone else heard of this or had success?

Happy to share what products worked for me. It was A LOT of trial and error let me tell ya.

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I typically go for all of the reds but I was definitely a blue girl in college. These days, I am trying to let my natural color (dark auburn with grey highlights) grow in. It is boring and I don’t love it, but I am trying. I want my hair to be stronger and stop breaking off.
Although I am going virgin these days, I still love purology shampoo and conditioner and will never give them up!

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I wasn’t allowed to color my hair in high school, but I recently found a pic of me in college. Burgundy was my color of choice.

Now, my hair is purple! I wanted something fun that still looked kinda natural, and my hair is dark brown naturally so the deep purple looks good. I don’t have a super recent picture, but this is when it was a more violet purple.

I recently bought some OVERTONE coloring conditioner. It was 40% off on black Friday! If anyone knows how to use it, please help! I need to cover my grays but I have really thick hair and I just imagine myself, in the shower, covered head to toe in purple!


Love this color, Kate, you are so pretty!
That hair color is really beautiful!
I was a natural platinum blonde when I was a kid but gradually with age my hair changed to ash-blond. I did experiment with my hair some by adding darker/lighter highlights, but never too extreme (even though I did go darker at one point and one time someone said my hair style reminded them of Steven Tyler black/blond highlights, but I was in my rock-n-roll phase so I took it as compliment :rofl:)

Turned out it was really hard to upkeep this kind of hairstyle, being blond and all, so now I play it super safe, staying close to my natural hair color, and just using bunch of hair products to keep the frizz out and moisture in.


I have no idea about the Overtone (sorry!). However, I just wanted to say you’re hair is gorgeous!


First, @Kate.Kemp you are giving me major rocker 90s babe vibes in that first pic!! You remind me of a famous actress, I can’t put my finger on it, but once my brain decides to work I will do a side-by-side. Also, you are rocking that Burgandy shade that I always wanted to have. I would literally look wistfully at the Chocolate Cherry Feria box on the CVS shelf and be like why not me:

Second, your purple locks are stunning!!! So long and healthy, I’m obsessed :star_struck:

So, I’m not familiar with Overtone color conditioner but I do use purple shampoo & conditioner to combat brassiness, so I wonder if the overtone conditioner helps put more purple/violet deposits to retain the color? You know me, I’ll go do a google deep dive later today and report back :disguised_face: :heart:

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@Juliya I love that you used this pic of Steven Tyler, and yes you should take it as a compliment!!! You are a babe and so is he.

I always say Machine Gun Kelly & I have the same hair color and hairstyle, and I’m not even shading myself lol :grin:

Speaking of music icons from the past, you know who’s hair style I always secretly wanted to pull off?

I loved this whole look, and still think her album Stripped holds up. And that’s coming from an obsessed grunge queen like myself ha :grin:

I also love when iconic blondes like her and Britney would go dark, I think it looks great! Usually, this would inspire me to do that same and my mom would threaten to disown me haha :laughing:


@Kate.Kemp Overtone is a ton of fun! I had 2 friends model for a campaign of theirs a couple of years ago… So the overtone is going to definitely give you some color deposits, and the more you use it, the deeper and richer the tone will be… Think of it like a color depositing conditioner. It will layer and build up in your hair overtime. Depending on coverage, it can mask some gray. If you’re having a hard time with the color applying evenly to your thick hater (lucky :four_leaf_clover:) Try applying it in sections first… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much April! You get me!
And big YES to that Christina’s hairstyle and Stripped album!
Although I never did such a contrast for myself (super bleached blond +black), but I did go for a more “natural” similar to Avril Lavigne’s hair

That was a much easier style to upkeep since the “top” matched my natural hair :slight_smile:


I have tried a couple of colors of overtone but haven’t had much luck with the color showing. I thought my greys would be brighter but the color just slid right off.
I think it is beautiful, though.

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@Juliya yassss I loved that darker hair color underneath. I experimented with this a lot during what I like to refer to as my “Rock Of Love” era :laughing: When I was super tan, into tattoos and contrasting hairstyles.

This was always the early 2000’s inspo:

Spoiler alert, my hair never looked this good :laughing:


I’m sure it looked awesome!
I think nowadays not many people or celebs going for that style, but sometimes I spot Dua Lipa doing it

I think it looks great on the shorter hair too.


I think some of those course gray/silver hairs can be really challenging to cover…… I wonder if it needs a little bit of lifting to penetrate the hair shaft versus coat it? I’m at the point now where I’m having my hairstylist blend in my growth with my regular color. :laughing:


Thank you!! It’s very costly to maintain! LOL I couldn’t color all of it myself to save my life! That’s why I’m hoping overtone will help!

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I have finally decided I think I’m committing to growing out my pandemic bangs. I honestly adore them but I simply do not have it in me to have to style my hair and wash it so often (although I did discover I could wash just my bangs in the sink on days when I did not have it in me to fully wash)

I want to play more with color, but my hair is fairly dark and doesn’t take dye well


Well I am growing my Grey/White hair out! I haven’t seen my natural color for about 50 years, LOL
But so far I like the natural color that is coming in! I still have about 2 more inches to cut out before I
am “All Natural”. Was just getting to expensive to keep doing. Wish me luck!

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After years and years of burgundy hair, I finally did an expensive color correction session to match my hair to my natural color last May. The new growth matches the corrective color beautifully. The only downside is that I see my greys now.

I have medium-thick, long (a bit above waist length) very curly (and FRIZZY) hair. I have bern thinking of trying a salon keratin treatment and am wondering if anyone else has tried one, and if so, your experience? Thank you!

I remeber when you could not get the bright primary colors in hair die so some of my friends stripped their hair and then dyed it with Kool-aid or Jello. It worked really well. One girl I worked with had a friend dye her hair jet black but the last 2-3" we candy apple red. Kool-aid I think. Wow it was so beautiful She wore it in a longish flip with jet black bangs. She turned heads alright. Even in Harvard Square where she and I worked. She tried many colors but then one day I came to work and her hair was dark brown. I said WOW your hair is a natural color. She said’’ this is not my natural color . I told her I said A natural color not your natural color. Got a big laugh!!

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