Crafting Corner!

That’s awesome! I haven’t pinned much lately but I have 1.1 thousand followers!

I highly recommend the confrences. I’ve been to 2 in California and 1 in Arizona. So much fun! Every hour you attend a different class (of your choosing).

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I looked it up. Nothing near me and I am still not really ready for crowds. I am in NYC and still much of a homebody. I will get over it eventually LOL . I used to go to Scraps for scrapbooking and I went to a big convention with a scrapper I met online. it was fun. I would want to make everything at the conference. my crafting is a bit out of control But it has kept my hands and brain busy during bad times. I suffered a lot of loss the last 2 years. not covid other health stuff but Crafting does help. I actually can get out of my head a bit…change the focus.


I 100% relate! I’m a homebody who lives to craft. And I find when I get caught up in making something, I’m not in nearly as much pain as usual (I have a couple of chronic pain problems).

Is scrapbooking your favorite? My mom has been an avid scrapbooker for at least 10 years. Now she does card making.

I love so many crafts! That’s why I’m excited about the pinterest convention; so many fun classes!!

Kate My mother swears that knitting and crocheting kept her hands nimble despite early arthritis. She is 89 but has finally given up the yarn arts More because of her vision than pain. and I also think busy hands can keep depression at bay not exactly away but at bay. It is hard to be sad when you are creating. Whether it is quilts or cupcakes. Color and creativity keep the good juices flowing.


I absolutely agree! Finishing a project is also a great boost to one’s mental health!

But you’re right. It’s hard to be depressed when you have made something very beautiful.

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My current project.

What’s everyone else making?

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Where do you get these beaded embroidery kits from?

They’re from a company called “Abris Art” but the company is in Ukraine. I bought the kits on etsy (before the war started). Im not sure if they’re still available.


I have an adult paint by numbers that I plan on starting soon!

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Post pics once you start!

I found three kits by them on Amazon and I think I might order one. I typically do diamond painting and this seems similar. I’m taking a break from the 3’ by 4’ painting I’ve been working on for close to a year to get into something new and this seems fun!


I love diamond painting!

This is very similar but a little more difficult/time consuming. However it turns out so beautifully that I find it’s worth it.

I’d love to see which kit you choose!