I got an email today for $30 off the summer box through 6/26 which prompted me to look on MSA for a review. Does MSA even cover this box anymore? The last post I can find was the Spring 2022 spoilers and the last review I see was in Winter 2021. Has anyone on here received the summer box and if so, what are your thoughts on the quality of the hat, tote, necklace, and cover up? I feel like I would use it all and I like that only 1 of the 5 items is beauty. I can’t decide whether to get it now or wait to see if the price drops. I have picked up most of the prior ones that I wanted for $50, sometimes with a gift with purchase. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts.


I would also love to know if anyone got it yet, this season’s box looks so good. I’ve been waiting for a bigger discount as well.


Megan should be getting her box soon and the review will be up on the site as soon as possible! There were some hiccups but I double checked and there will be a review

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Thank you! Looking forward to a review before deciding.

I thought was strange as I’ve rec’d a bunch of offers w/$ off and free gifts but none ever reported on here

Right, this used to be the site I would go to every day for good deals, but now I don’t feel like they really show up the way they used to.

So this summer’s box is on sale for $64.99 with code Final35. The email I got said July 31st is the last day to buy, so I don’t think the discount will get any better than that. I’ll probably order one by this weekend.

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Yeah I am pretty much in agreement. I am spoiled by all the times we got it for $50. I actually like all of the items in this box and think the current price is a good value.

Has anyone got their Summer box yet? It seems like there was a delay, but I ordered at the end of July and now it’s almost time for Fall billing and we aren’t supposed to cancel until we receive our box. The Fall box looks good but I want to wait for a discount code if I can get one-here are the spoilers.

Hello Subscription has a $25 off discount code but I think it’s only for your first box.

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Thank you!

So some weird things are happening with Curateur. It seems like loads of subbers haven’t got their Summer boxes, even those who were charged in May. Summer’s almost over and Fall billing is this week, there are tons of comments on Insta asking about their boxes. Deux Moi posted something a few days ago about Rachel Zoe not being able to pay her Curateur vendors and there is a series of Tik Toks going around implying the same. I hope this isn’t another Alltrue.

I paid at the end of July and when I sent a dm yesterday they told me my add on wasn’t available and they were waiting, well I never added anything on. I canceled on the site and they will probably cancel my Summer box, but I’m still waiting to hear back. If I don’t get the box or a refund by the end of this month I will let my bank know I need a refund due to non delivery.

Mandi, I hope you get your box or your money back. I didn’t pull the trigger when we talked about it at $64.99 and somewhat regretted it, but I guess not so much now that I’m hearing this. I honestly don’t see how they kept making money all these years with having to discount the boxes so heavily plus free gifts etc. Anyway keep us posted!

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So I just got my tracking last night and a DM this morning lol. I think they want to rush it out before they have to refund my money. It’s just at shipping label status now though, so we’ll see if it ever moves. @Jessica-MSA did you guys ever get the Summer Curateur box, or are you also still waiting?

@mandi let me investigate and see if the reviewer got theirs