I got an email today for $30 off the summer box through 6/26 which prompted me to look on MSA for a review. Does MSA even cover this box anymore? The last post I can find was the Spring 2022 spoilers and the last review I see was in Winter 2021. Has anyone on here received the summer box and if so, what are your thoughts on the quality of the hat, tote, necklace, and cover up? I feel like I would use it all and I like that only 1 of the 5 items is beauty. I can’t decide whether to get it now or wait to see if the price drops. I have picked up most of the prior ones that I wanted for $50, sometimes with a gift with purchase. Love to hear anyone’s thoughts.

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I would also love to know if anyone got it yet, this season’s box looks so good. I’ve been waiting for a bigger discount as well.


Megan should be getting her box soon and the review will be up on the site as soon as possible! There were some hiccups but I double checked and there will be a review

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Thank you! Looking forward to a review before deciding.