Daily Inspo: How RTR let's me recreate looks from tv/movies

Does anyone have a subscription they gravitated to once they became inspired by something?

I find myself easily influenced by tv, movies, even musicians when it comes to fashion. I never grew out of tearing pages out of magazines and pinning them. My friend and talented MSA writer Mary (she writes a weekly fashion review) helped convince me to subscribe to Rent The Runway finally, and I’ve been having a lot of fun recreating looks (ahem, Emily in Paris)


What I’m renting:

Will I look like a crazy cream puff for my birthday dinner? Most likely :rofl:

I want to know what’s been inspiring you all lately! :hearts:


You’re going to look amazing!! Please post pictures!!

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This is so much fun!! Please please please share pictures!!

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Very kind of you @Kate.Kemp & @Lindsey-MSA :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I definitely will, even if I look like a pink cloud lol :heart:


Ok, so my obsession with Emily In Paris continues to live on.

One of my last rentals included this Hervé Léger Beauty:

You literally make a meme of me: “Watches Emily In Paris Once…” :laughing:

This is not my real hair, it’s a wig I got on Amazon for $17 bucks!

This was purely for fun, and I’m looking forward to selecting some everyday basics I can wear monthly.

I’d love to see what everyone’s wearing (if you feel comfortable sharing!) :star_struck:


The wig is pretty, but you posted a photo of yourself with eyelash extensions, and I thought your dark hair made you look stunning!

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@Kate.Kemp, very kind of you, friend! :heart: When I had the lash extensions, it was 8 years ago when I had really dark auburn hair. I did like it a lot. My skin was also much firmer :rofl:

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@maryzubritsky !! Since you are my inspo for finally getting rent the runway. I wanted to know if you agree with Show Me Your MuMu being a touch short :laughing:

I got this beauty for a shoot, but it is unwearable in public, ha.

beautifully made, but I still seem to get stumped by sizing even after doing research :face_with_monocle:

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They need to add more info to their product descriptions. Just wear super opaque tights…Hue and Calzedonia make the best ones!

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I’d wear a prom dress to McDonald’s… :rofl:


Funny you should say that I also finally got to wear this beauty:

I’m going to send you a pic of how I styled the Show Me Your Mumu. I don’t look good in black tights like you!

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I’d love to see pics of you in both dresses! They’re both absolutely beautiful. And you have the figure to pull them off! I’ll live vicariously through you!

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Ok, my next RTR shipment comes on Thursdays, and I went for cozy sweaters because it has dropped below 50 in Charleston, and Wyatt and I are beside ourselves :laughing:

I’m probably most excited for this hot dog doggo sweater :laughing:

Getting into the Valentine’s day spirit with our upcoming Cupid Exchange!

I have an obsession with pink and ruffles

This star sweater was finally available to rent to I had to snatch it up:

If anyone else is currently using RTR or another clothing rental service, please share your upcoming shipments, or if you’ve had a favorite recently :heart_eyes:

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Omg the pink with ruffles!!! :star_struck: