Did anyone else get a weird email from Info Rumors?

I received a message from “Info Rumors” today saying that they wanted to collaborate on “my blog” mysubscriptionaddiction.com. Looks like it might be a phishing scam, but what really interests me is how they connected my email address with this website.

Anyone else?

Hi Mary,
I haven’t gotten an email like that from them :thinking::thinking: I’ll keep an eye out

I received another today from a different sender.

Did MSA have a data breach? My email isn’t publicly connected to this website in any way although I’ve had to enter it to post comments and sign up for an account. I don’t understand how someone can have my email in connection with this site unless someone has accessed or is misusing data from the MSA backend.

I haven’t got that, but I’ve been getting spam about random, generic “subscriptions.” That’s new for me.