Did you get or give any subscriptions this past holiday season?

Did you get or give any subscriptions this past holiday season? Which ones?!

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I gifted my step-dad a German Beer subscription! It was actually on the review you did @Lindsey-MSA

He’s German and grew up in the Black Forest (always sounded like a cool place)

Delivery has been a bit delayed, but he should get it this week! I’m sure he’ll love it. It was between that or Bespoke Post, which I’m always really impressed by. I swear the flannels they have are better than any of the women’s versions out there!

My husband is OB-SESSED with German beer. Hofbrau is his fave. Hope your dad loves the sub!

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I received a 3-month of Cat Lady Box. Looking forward to the January hoodie! I couldn’t afford to keep the sub, so was thrilled to get the gift.


I gifted myself the Sunset Box, gifted my son (in college) KetoKrate and SnackCrate, gifted my vegan and mushroom loving husband the Fantastic Fungi Box (if you haven’t watched the Fantastic Fungi documentary, do it!), gifted my daughter the Wondery Box and gifted my little niece and nephew Little Passports and Koala Crate. Everybody around here gets subscription boxes from me….

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@beth_bagley, my husband is a vegan too!


I haven’t even heard of Fantastic Fungi (doc or box)!! Oooooo I’m going to check it out!

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@beth_bagley I am very intrigued by this Fantastic Fungi doc, and the sub you mentioned. I started using Four Simatic a few years ago in my coffee (they offer their own sub you can get it through a subscription to Thrive Market as well)

Long story short, I had no clue about the wonders of mushrooms, all the healing properties so I’d be fascinated to learn more. I’m actually about to eat a truffle mushroom pizza now, so I felt compelled to comment haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I gave myself another year of Ipsy. Started FFF again after skipping a couple of years. I finally got Confetti Collection and then they closed up. I was set for another year of Paper Source Lifestyle buy they are revamping and to stay tuned. Finally got Hello Fresh.