Do you bath bomb?

I’m a bath bomb-er. I love them. I truly do. Tonight I reached for the Lush Luxe Bath Bomb, and I’m in love with it and would like to immediately order 5 more even though I have… a lot… coming from their after Christmas sale. This one feels perfect for fans of LSU and Mardi Gras (I happen to be a fan of both)! If you don’t bath bomb, are there any other warm water-related ways you relax?


Oh my gosh yes! I love these pictures! I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful about what’s in the products I use but I love, love, LOVE taking baths! My absolute favorite go-to bath product is well, basically anything from Pursoma. They are a very clean, non-toxic brand. Great for my skin! But not nearly as beautiful as these bath bombs in your picture!

They have a monthly bath box that I just signed up for. Since it’s just their products featured in the box, I don’t think the variety will be the selling point, but it is a really good deal price wise because you get a lot of product for $40. Though the shipping is… ugh. But isn’t that everywhere these days?


Oooh I’ve never heard of them!!! I’ll need to look into them

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I’m a sucker for these, but I am not a bath bomb-er. I ‘get got’ by the lovely smells and colors and designs, but I absolutely hate the thought of cleaning out the tub after, and I fear the pruney-ness (skin sensitive maybe?).

I do collect some of these…just to uh…look at… #hoarder :rofl:


@Jessica-MSA Have you tried the bath bombs from Molotov Mom?? They are HEAVENLY!!

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Do you have some favorite scents you’d recommend checking out? It’s been years since I bought any Lush bombs, but you’ve piqued my interest! I seem to recall they had a jasmine scented one that I really liked…

@Caryn i haven’t but now I have the strong urge to click “add to cart.” Someone remind me on payday!

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Love To Soak in a Big Garden Tub! Bombs, Oils and Bubbles, Oh My!

I will swim until I’m a prune, but I can’t stand baths

I do sometimes take a bath bomb into the shower with me and use it as a fizzer, I usually take a plastic take out container too and put the bath bomb into it and put that on the ledge to keep the scent while I shower!

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@comedytragedy lush has shower steamers now which are basically shower bath bombs! Their offering isn’t as extensive as their bath bomb collection but they’re still fun :slight_smile:

I love them! I grew up with no tub, and in my adult years turned into a bath person. Love bath bombs but don’t have any right now! Must get some soon as budget allows. I consider them a want, not a need. There are a lot of ‘wants’ on my list.
I’m a huge fan of quality soaps, too. Love a good goat milk soap. Does wonders for skin health.

Some day I’m going to go into lush and just buy the entire store :joy:
I’ve gotten a few things from them, but I prefer to see/sniff in person and I can’t justify going into the mall at the moment. Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

@Jessica-MSA here is her Insta link. She curates special collections of different bath bombs, shower steamers etc.

Confession. I am a soaking tub snob. I choose suites, that have soaking tubs, when planning my trips/vacations. I bring bath bombs with me. I also bring my Bose Bluetooth speaker along so there is a beautiful soundtrack of my life playing. Oh & of course, I bring luxury candles along too. Cuz I am a proud, proud soaking tub snob. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. (Photo is from my latest Christmas vacation. If I uploaded it correctly that is.).


You are my hero, and this is #goals. :joy:

Welcome to the forum, @Tracy!!


@Tracy do you have any tips? Because I would LOVE to find hotels with soaking tubs like this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Why thank you, thank you! For the welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jessica, I use the IHG app & constantly search through it for Kimpton suites, as they usually have soaking tubs in their suites. I dig through the pictures hahaha & save my favorites, on the IHG app. That way, I can search later on, for good deals. I’m not paying $500 a night BUT I have found $500 a night suites for as low as $125 a night. I have also found that boutique hotels usually have soaking tubs in their suites too.

I guess I’m sorta obsessed with finding great deals on gorgeous suites with soaking tubs that I can bring my bath bombs & music to soak in. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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What a great topic! I just got into bath bombs all over again recently and I’m not proud to say I have an exaggerated collection at the moment, more then I have room for but I can’t wait to see this thread blossom and everyone possibly show their stash or favorite bomb!

Here is a recent bath bomb I used!! :relaxed:


Welcome to the forum, @Kayla ! That reindeer bath bomb is so cute. It looks similar to the lush tiger bath bomb I used last night.