♡ Drug Store Darlings ♡: What are some of your best beauty finds

Some of my favorite memories growing up were wondering the aisle of this magical place called the “Cosmetic Center” it was big in the late 80’s/90’s. It was as if CVS and various department stores came together to create a beauty baby:

Oh yes, it was a caboodle wonderland.

I can certainly appreciate the quality of a high-end beauty product. Still, there is a particular sort of exhilaration from finding a beauty product that is more than affordable, but a steal :star_struck:

What better way than to create a resource for all those hidden gems (well known, and not so much)

I’ll start off with a few of mine, and feel free to jump in with yours or your thoughts on hits and misses:

-Cover Girl Lash Exact is practically extinct, but I’ve had friends that would only wear Dior Show become true believers. The grippy wand grabs ever lash and lengthens and curls
-Queen Helene Cocoa Butter is lightweight but can take the place of perfume. Anytime I wear it I get compliments on the scent because it’s not overly sweet.
-Almay Brow Styler does just as a good (if not better) than my Anastasia Brow Kit

This is my favorite dupe of the moment as well:

Ok, enough from me, I want to see your drug store finds :star_struck:


Would you believe I think I still have a caboodle kicking around somewhere!? I should really dig it out and put it back to use. Those compartments are so handy!

I don’t think I’ve tried any of your top three, but I will DEF be picking up that brow styler next time have the chance. As someone who overplucked in the 90’s, I’m now constantly looking for products that will fill in my sparse brows and make them full and fabulous.

My all-time favorite drugstore product is Maybelline Great Lash. It doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a great everyday mascara at a fantastic price. I may stray every now and again to try new things (currently Tarte is in rotation), but I always seem to go back to Maybelline.

Plus, that pink tube is iconic!


I think I am a brand name snob - most likely from growing up in NJ.

I have to say that I :heart::heart::heart: CeraVe cleansers and lotions, though. I haven’t found a fancy brand that compares for effectiveness vs. price.


@Lindsey-MSA that mascara is def the holy grail of beauty finds!

Speaking of mascara this is a popular beauty dupe that I wish worked better for me, but these mascara’s never did much for me:

Have either of these worked for anyone else?? I think it’s the bristles and my eyelashes are to blame ha

@angelatrupo yes to CeraVe and their whole line! My only wish from CeraVe and Cetaphil for the longest time was more of a thorough cleanser (which I get is kind of the whole purpose of the gentle cleansing) but I was stoked when Cetaphil came out with this foaming facial cleanser

I use this with my Clarisonic and it actually gets all my makeup off in one wash


@April-MSA, I really like the Salicylic acid cleanser from CeraVe. It cleans well and is one of the only BHA-containing things I am allowed to use with my retinol prescription.


Honestly, was a staple growing up, especially the waterproof version. At the time, I thought it gave me the length and volume I wanted.

But now, I’ve gotten lazy and don’t enjoy make up as much (although I will fall for alllllll of the pretty packaging), and instead fallen into the trap that is lash extensions. :rofl:


@angelatrupo I had no idea CeraVe had a salicylic cleanser. I will have to investigate because my Obagi one is a touch pricey. And I feel you with the Retinol!

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I did lash extensions for a while. LOVED the look (my natural lashes are like .2 millimeters long), but I really missed being able to rub my eyes when washing my face. Does that sound weird? I :heart: a good thorough, sudsy, scrubby face wash. The maintenance was also a drag. But I still think about going back. They look so great!!


@shar @Lindsey-MSA are we having a mind meld?! I literally just had FB remind me today of when I had lash extensions 8 years ago. :sob:

Oh, youth how I miss you! I pushed my luck with these for too long though and when I finally decided to give it a rest, I barely had nubs for lashes. Latisse does work wonders but if you are a sensitive skin person (like me) I couldn’t use it every night.


It’s funny because those are definitely some of my ‘ugh’ thoughts about lash extensions. I hate not being able to rub my eyes, and I hate feeling like my face cleanse is not thorough LOL. +1 to the maintenance being a drag.

thinking about trying Glamnetic lashes that I got in my FFF - any thoughts?? I also don’t like the thought of putting on eyeliner every day and taking off this particular liner must be tough…

I’m not a FFF subscriber, but I bought a similar product from a different brand. The magnetic lashes are definitely innovative, but I had mixed feelings. I found I needed to put on multiple, thick-ish coats of the liner for best results. That wasn’t an issue for me personally (I’m a fan of a bold eye), but I could see how it may not be ideal for everyone. The consistency of the liner is also a little sticky, and it doesn’t remove as easily as pencil, gel, or liquid liner. (Though that could be a product-specific issue.) I also found the results to be dramatic but not natural. For me, the magnetic lashes are more of a costume product than an everyday type of thing… but take that with a grain of salt. I’m not much of a false lash wearer, and my makeup style is pretty natural usually.

If anyone out there wears false lashes regularly and has tried the magnetic ones, I’d love to hear what they think!

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Okay, help! I had extensions for a few months until I noticed it was causing my real lashes (which were once full and long) to become tiny. How long did it take for your’s to grow back? Any product recommendations to speed up the process?


@hollsbublin ok, I have lots of recs!

So, in my situation, I wore extensions for, I think, over a year (no breaks, big mistake, hence the nubbins)

In my opinion, it’s best to alternate between a growth serum and conditioning your lashes.

Latisse 100% works; I believe you have to get a Dr to prescribe it, but it’s available at CVS, but it can be a bit pricy 120.00, but it can last for 2-3 months. I’d say after 6 weeks of using it; I saw a significant difference; again, at the time, I had literally no lashes.

Alternative to Latisse that work but take a little longer:

Revitalash-This one is still pretty pricy, $150 but doesn’t require a script.

Avon Anew-This one is a sleeper because I have friends who swear by it and say it started working 3 weeks. I have a friend that uses it, and she has to trim her eyelashes there so long, no joke!

Conditioning Serums:
Baebody Castor Oil Eyelash Serum (I haven’t used but have heard great things)
Lancôme Cils Booster Lash Revitalizing Serum-this specifically deals with damaged lashes
Grapeseed oil or argan oil-I know this sounds odd. Still, if you have a moisturizing oil that you use for facial massage, I’ve noticed for myself that when it’s incorporated in my routine and do a nice massage on my face before bed, some of it ends up on my lashes they have grown fuller. I haven’t used Latisse in years.

I have mascara recs, too, while you’re waiting out the growth process if you want those too! :hearts:


My favorite drug store finds are from ELF:
The Ultra Precise Brow Pencil in Taupe is my HG and I like their Shadow Lock Primer.

I also love Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink. It stays put pretty well under a mask and comes in gorgeous shades!


Hi @Carol!
It is so hard to find a good taupe brow pencil. Everything is so dark. I need to check that one out.

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Hiii @Carol :hearts:

Yassss ELF is amazing! I will have to take a look at the Shadow Lock Primer you mentioned

I use their No Budge Shadow Stick in Rose Quartz

There’s something about it having just enough iridescence to make my eyes pop


I’d like to introduce everyone to the “Zamboni”


For me, this ice roller is a game-changer. I tend to run pretty puffy, and though I was skeptical if an ice roller would actually help me de-puff, it really does.

It runs about $9 dollars on Amazon, but I’ve seen them even for less at Walgreens or CVS.

Though I despise being cold (hence my reluctance to sheet masks, maybe @Jessica-MSA can convenience me) something about the ice roller actually calms me down. It’s helped with lymphatic drainage under my eyes too. I can do a before & after one day if anyone is curious.

You might have nightmares after, but anything in the name of science. :nerd_face:


So helpful! Yes, I’ll take the mascara recs. Everything has been rubbing smearing off. I love thrive, but my lashes need to be longer again for it to work.


I have tried this Brand, Not bad I must say!

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@hollsbublin I have always debated trying to Thrive! Their ads on Instagram would always get me; I’d be like, I need my lashes to look like this, ha!

So for mascaras, these are my favs:

-Cover Girl Lash Exact (purple tube, it’s harder to find now, and they have another purple mascara but the key is to look for the textured purple bristles:

-This is a decent alternative if the Lash Exact is hard to find (Cover Girl again):

I always get waterproof in both these just because I have the same issue with smearing or flaking off if I don’t, but I feel both waterproof formulas are more gentle than other brands because I don’t get the redness or irritation.

Also! My favorite eye makeup remover that doesn’t make me break out:

It takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner easily. I think this would be an excellent option for you while your lashes are working their way back to growth because it’s super moisturizing, hypoallergenic and has no fragrance (if you are a sensitive sally like me, haha )

Let me know if anyone those works for you, and if you discover some other good ones! :heart: