♡ Drug Store Darlings ♡: What are some of your best beauty finds

Does everyone have a great go to hair find?

I was thinking of another drug store find that I’ve used for years (Especially when I had long hair and was always trying to grow it mermaid lengths)

I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with these, but before Biotin was the go-to, this was what you used to grow your hair out in the 90s haha. The bottles are huge, and generally, for both, they are about $20 nowadays, but I think you can get them discounted even more.

Oh! And recently I’ve gotten very into scalp massage. An excellent find on Amazon:

They have versions of this at Ulta I’ve seen, but you can snag this guy on Amazon for $6.99! Even though my hair is short it is super thick and this makes a huge difference when shampooing and conditioning. Plus I think it’s a great stress reliever, promotes blood flow to the scalp, and stimulates hair oils and follicles.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these!


I love my scalp massager! I also have super thick hair and I feel it more easily distributes the shampoo and conditioner all the way through to my scalp.

I highly recommend everyone try one. There was one in a recent FabFitFun box. And there are some on the swap site for those interested in trying one.

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Can you use the scalp massager on dry hair? I like the idea of a scalp massage, but I’m afraid if I use that in the shower my hair will become a heap of knots.

I have super fine hair but lots of it. Keeping it from turning into a tangled cotton candy mess is a daily battle. (My wet brush is a lifesaver.)


@Lindsey-MSA , I have the same type of hair and the same worries about using a scalp massager. I do get an itchy scalp from time to time and have seriously considered one, but the thought of it getting all tangled up in my hair makes me really hesitant.


Yes! I know exactly what you mean. I’m so glad to have found a hair twin! I sometimes get anxious about going for a haircut because they’ll do that aggressive scrub wash thing and then it takes the poor stylist the majority of the appointment to untangle my mop top. I feel like none of my friends understand that the struggle is real lol. :upside_down_face:


@Lindsey-MSA @angelatrupo very valid concerns! I believe because of how the bristles are designed and shaped I’m able to use it as a brush in and out of the shower, so hopefully, it would alleviate the tangles because I’ll use a scalp detoxifier and really scrub around the top of my head and then I can just comb it down without pulling.

I do love that wet brush though Lindsey, I have the exact same one! I just like how it feels on my scalp. Like whatever reason I can actually feel it as opposed to other wet brushes I’ve used before


Mane 'n Tail!! OMG how had I forgotten Mane 'n Tail!!!

I’m currently working through a stash of R+Co Television from FFF, which is stellar imo, but every few years I find myself going back to the old favorite.

I was a horse girl, and one summer at camp one of the girls forgot her shampoo and bought a bottle from the tack shop and we all tried it. We bathed (in our swimsuits!!) in the freshwater spring lake the camp had on site, and I swear lake water + mane and tail is the magical elixir for the softest hair ever


How do you like the R+Co? I’m totally addicted. My hair has never felt softer and been shinier!

That camp you went to sounds like a lot of fun!

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@Lindsey-MSA - I regularly use magnetic lashes now. Moxie lash is the best that I have tried, but I haven’t tried Glamnetic. I am definitely a convert.


Loreal Elvive Wonder Water. I got it in a New Beauty box and kept it because it was too low in RV and heavy to swap. I kind of shrugged and eventually put in the shower. But boy was I convert when I used it on my thick, often tangled hair! It warms up in your hair and detangles it after shampooing. This stuff is so silky and I swear my hair looked great when I blow dried it straight.

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Oh? I have seen Glamnetic all over my feeds on Instagram and Facebook for a long time, but Moxie has recently showed up on my feed. Glamnetic seems like slightly cheaper than Moxie, but what are your thoughts on Moxie?

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@April-MSA - Ulta always has a Caboodles with makeup set each holiday season. I waited too long last year and it sold out but I snagged one for $30 this last Christmas. My 14 year old screamed with joy when she saw it and my inner teen was screaming with her haha.

Amazon.com : Ulta Beauty. Beauty Box: Caboodles Edition Gold. : Beauty & Personal Care


@shar - for me, the holding power of the liner was important. Other ones I have tried just didn’t last long on my eyelids. For the most part, the Moxie liner stays on all day. And they have so many types of lashes including brown and different eyeliner colors.

Moxie often has sales and I think it’s affordable given how many times you reuse the lashes.


@comedytragedy Oh my gosh, I love that camp story!!! And you are right; Mane and Tail are extremely moisturizing!! I was a horse girl too! But not a great one :rofl: I loved the horses, but they didn’t seem to love me back, haha. I always got on one that went rogue and would take me through the woods in a semi Disney-inspired/horror movie way, ha!

I keep saying it, but I have to get on this R+ CO train @Kate.Kemp!


@tinacara I too just screamed out loud (in the middle of Barnes & Nobel ) :grin:

This is an add-to-cart kind of day for my pre-birthday celebration I keep telling myself, ha

It also makes me happy that other generations are also enjoying the Caboodle!

I love the gold! Thank you for sharing this!! :heart:

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Has anyone tried this? I’ve used Tarte exclusively for the past 7 years but this brush looks so cool that I am considering trying it!

Any reviews?


So, I know I have used a version of this mascara. Depending on your lashes I think brushes that are more “caterpillar” like, with multiple bristles like this are able to grab every lash (in theory). My lashes are weird, however, a bigger brush overwhelms mine and makes them all stick together. That’s why I have to go for fewer and more defined bristles.

Sorry I know that’s a long explanation! A Maybelline mascara product that I do use, that’s an oldie but goodie is:

This is great for lower lashes and going over the top row to make sure you grab each and every lash without clumping.

Let me know if you get the Mega Plush and how you like it!


Ok, so these are recent drugstore finds that I’ve been using for about two weeks and have been enjoying (Let me know if you tried these too!)

Revlon ColorStay Sharp Line Liquid Eye Pen- $7 (I ended up purchasing on Amazon because it was sold out at every target and Walgreens I went to.

It does apply slightly wet, but even though I have a heavier lid, the transfer to my upper lid as I like to call it ha, has been minimal!

Maybelline Lifter Gloss Hydrating Lip Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid in Moon-$Under 7 dollars

I’ve always liked the look of a nude lip, but historically it has always made me looked washed out. This color moon has enough pink in it that I don’t look sickly. I’ve been layering it over all my lipsticks because it’s very moisturizing.


Like the majority, I’ve had the most success with the mascaras. I think L’Oreal mascaras are unbeatable in terms of quality and value.
My current favorite is

I am on a second tube and it’s such a good mascara! Love it.


I tried the one in orange tube and it was not bad but I felt it was kind of dry compared to the other mascaras I previously used and liked.

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