Earthlove ending

@Kai-MSA I just received an email explaining the box ending and information for current subscriptions with payment refunds and such. I just wanted everyone that is active to check because mine was in the junk file.

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I received that email too. One of my favorite boxes, so I’m sad to see it go.
I skipped the spring box which was ok because it had a repeat item and it wasn’t one of their best.


Thank you so much for posting about this and sharing this with everyone; in the morning I’ll see what else I can find out. Glad it seems they were direct and gave people details and a plan for refunds.
Appreciate it, thanks again.

Welcome to the forum!


Thank you. I’ve been reading this blog since 2014, joined in 2016.


Hi @lncjc we are very happy to have you :slight_smile:

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They handled this really well. Serina has always been very open and communicative about the box and is really active on the Earthlove Facebook pages.

I thought this subscription was really great; I subbed since last summer so I was able to experience each season. I had already cancelled for this summer because I didn’t love the spring box, and it is kind of an expensive box (though I understand and appreciate why).

Lately, I didn’t like how the box was starting to lean in to herbal supplements and physical health. One box last year had a bottle of vitamins/supplements with a pretty high price point, so I felt they were a waste of an item because I already take medications and don’t want to mix with “natural” supplements without medical approval … then a similar thing happened this past month with an herbal tincture. Since a huge selling point of the box is that it’s eco-friendly, sending items like this that may not be useful to a lot of their subscribers is just creating/adding more WASTE (i.e., opposite of eco-friendly!). I think anything related to medical conditions/health should have been customizable/able to be swapped out.

I was looking forward to keeping an eye on spoilers and resubbing at some point, so I am sad to see it go for now. I’m glad Serina is taking time to regroup and is keeping the Earthlove brand active. All the best to her.

Welcome, @lncjc! I didn’t love the spring box either and it had motivated me to cancel for a while. What was the repeat item?

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Hi Amy, Thank you for the welcome. I skipped also because I don’t have the extra funds. The repeat
item is the laundry strips. They are great - love them but just don’t need any now.