FabFitFun Air Purifier won't power on?

I got my fall box last week (Annual since Fall 2016), and was happy to have the air purifier, as I work in an old building with no windows, and it’s not only very musty in there, I’m literally allergic to it (dust mites, mold, etc.). So I brought along the new air purifier today, and this afternoon happily took it out the box, actually looked at the directions, and…nothing.

I tried 2 outlets in the office, and just now came home and…yep. Not working.

F3 has a 2+ hour wait list on chat, and the bot offered a credit. I don’t want a credit. I want a working product. But it occurred to me the chances mine is the only lemon out of (what? A million+ subs?) is not likely.

Anybody else??

Am I doing something wrong? The directions are essentially, take out of box, plug in, hit power (LOL).

There are people on FFF’s forum who had the same issue. They will send out a replacement, but of course that means waiting to connect to a CS agent.

I think CS is unusually busy right now due to the Kate Sommerville serum fiasco.


Serum fiasco? Do tell!

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One of the Category 6 choices for annuals was the Kate Somerville Kx Active Concentrates Vitamin B3 + Vitamin C Serum. Retails for $98. On KS’s website, this shows as a yellow tinted serum. What people received was a rancid product - it was brown, in many cases with white chunks in it, and in most cases with a foul odor. Here is a photo of mine (you may need to zoom a little to see the chunky goodness :nauseated_face:):

Mine is pretty “average” from what I saw (on Reddit and on FFF’s forum). I’ve seen others whose serum looked better, and others whose serum looked even worse. But no one got a serum that looked like it should. Mine had a smell that I can best describe as a mix of rotten fruit and mildew.

The color change is due to oxidation of the vitamin C, which renders the product ineffective. But it shouldn’t start this way.

Obviously people were not happy about this. It didn’t help that FFF told people early on that it was fine, and safe to use, and then when people pushed back (on the forum), they went radio silent for days. It also didn’t help that when people contacted CS about it, the responses were all over the place, from “it’s fine and safe to use, we’re not gonna do anything” to “we’ll send you a different Cat. 6 item” to “here’s a refund of $x.xx” to “here’s a $20 credit to the winter add-on sale.”

FFF is still pushing the party line that it’s fine, and that KS told them it was fine and that color/odor change were normal, but at this time they do seem to recognize that no one wants to put a basically rancid product with mystery floaties in it on their face. So they are offering some kind of compensation.

Anyway, because everyone who got this product has an issue with it, CS is being slammed and is super backlogged (there have also been issues with other products - the air purifier and the sunglasses come to mind, although the issues aren’t as widespread). Someone reported that they got a notice on the FFF CS chat feature that the wait time was 50 hours. Mine was 18 hours, although a CS agent actually reached out after about 4.5 hours.

Side note: a few people reported on the forum that, not realizing there was an issue at first, they did use the serum and ended up with skin damage (burning, itching, redness, etc.) and/or skin discoloration. So not so much safe to use.

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I’m glad I didn’t get the box. :nauseated_face:

Wow. That’s really messed up, both getting a product like that and their completely apathetic response! Though I can’t say I’m surprised when it comes to them. I’m curious what the problem with the sunglasses is, because I chose those for my box. You’ve got all the good info!! :rofl:

What ever happened with the serum fiasco? Did people get new stuff? Was it the same nasty stuff?

FFF offered credits for future sales or alternate products when people reached out to CS about this. They did at one point (I want to say a couple of weeks ago?) pull this product from boxes that hadn’t yet shipped due to “issues” - they offered subscribers a choice of one of two other products (that for the most part no one wanted lol). What was conspicuously absent for a long time was a proactive approach in alerting people who did get the serum shipped to them - basically, if you weren’t on the FFF forum or on Reddit, you would have had no idea there was an issue. Katie (FFF founder) finally made a statement that they believed the issue was due to transit in hot weather (most of us are calling BS on that - it was likely a combo of bad batches + older product + storage in hot warehouse, transit alone is unlikely to have caused the extent of issues it had). But they still didn’t proactively reach out to members who had gotten this product in their box.

Finally yesterday (9/9) they emailed everyone who got the serum in their fall box (see picture below). I’m pretty appalled that it took them THAT long to be proactive about a product that was clearly rancid, and where people who used it were having issues/reactions. But even so, they are still telling people it is ok to use. :woman_facepalming:t2:

That’s asinine. What about all the other vitamin C products being shipped from other companies? Everyone has them going out all over the US this summer. It’s been in the 90’s (occ 100) consistently until just now in 80’s here in NC. Puhlezze…….:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, and I have sensitive skin so if I had tried it and gotten a bad reaction …… I would be on :fire:!

The air purifier has to have the filter seated just so, and replacement filters are both expensive for this tiny size of purifier and out of stock the last time I looked.

I threw mine away after seeing how tiny it is compared to what I use every minute of every day out of medical necessity. I have floor model large HEPA filters in my home due to having asthma, onset during covid, which I was never diagnosed as having. Don’t want to start an argument about that, OK? :slight_smile:

As for how much space the air purifier will purify, my husband, who is a professional engineer, calculated that it will probably clean air in a med. sized bathroom or closet ( if you happen to have USB power in those areas). He said it was a waste of my money and useless. He is ALWAYS right about the square footage on things, so I believe him after 25 years of marriage.

My KS serum smelled and was beige. I looked on the KS website and it is given a smear of light beige coloring, IMO, in the photos. I did use it once, found out about possible contamination ( that is NOT just oxidation, I don’t believe, as my field is the sciences).

After a nonsensical chat with FFF where the CS Rep. acted like I was nutso, instead of providing sound info on what a contaminated skin product can cause when used and how this is a luxury beauty item, I asked for and received a refund for 3 boxes on a new yearly plan. ( I had already received 1 box in the Summer).

I got nothing for the Kate serum but 3 box refund is fantastic, so I wasn’t complaining at all. I chalked up the misses in the fall box to the general decline in FFF boxes for me, personally.

They WILL issue refunds for a yearly subscription already paid up if you have compelling reasons for not trusting the quality or claims made about their products. I would not have done it except that I was totally grossed out by the contaminated serum ( Contaminated with something- I had no way to do bacterial testing but I am leaning towards oxidation with spoilage and bacterial contaminants from a source outside Kate Somerville).

I would never count on that teeny air purifier to help anything except maybe a passenger vehicle with clean airflow coming in as well ( vehicle in motion). It might be extremely helpful there for smokers or dusty cars or people with children who carpool. ( Not that children need purifying but I recall my own locker clean- outs with gym clothing and lunch leftovers.

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