FabFitFun Edit Sale Bust - The Spring 2022 Boxes That Aren't

Beware the “Additional Spring 2022 Boxes” listing in the FFF edit sale. I purchased one – and at this moment am trying to hash things out with FFF.

What I received was NOT a Spring 2022 box.

Four Spring 2022 categories were missing. For Categories 1, 2, 5, and 6, I received Nothing from the advertised Spring 2022 list

For Category 3, I received the Kate Spade Mini Small Square Studs - Opal Glitter.

For Category 4, I received the “It’s A 10” Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin.

The rest of the box contents were not Spring 2022 items, and instead appear to be overstock they’re trying to unload, specifically:

A Herschel Supply Co. Mica Tote – a WINTER 2021 option currently in the edit sale for $15;

Three .52 oz. Seraphine Botanicals Fruit Butter Lip Mask – a SUMMER 2021 offering;

H Halston Aloe Infused Gel Lined Socks & Pumice Stone – a SPRING 2021 offering; and

Kate Somerville EradiKate – I have no idea where you came up with this one, but FFF is peddling it in the edit sale @ $29.

As FFF elected NOT to send me the advertised item, I elect to return it. Presently, FFF is quibbling on shipping costs. I’ve explained that as the defrauded party I should not have to pay a dime.

So – for anyone with the item in their cart – just know that what FFF sends you may bear little resemblance to the current seasons’s box.


I would be livid, I’m glad you are taking the stand and fighting for what’s right!


How ridiculous of FFF! I hope it gets resolved satisfactorily for you.


Oh my stars! That’s horrible! Boy, a lot of boxes are really failing right now. I’ve had issues with Ipsy and Scentbird that were pretty epic as well. I sure hope you prevail against FFF!

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I’ve resolved the issue - after a good deal of back-and-forth with customer service. Since I received two spring items, I was able to select four more from their remaining inventory, and they (supposedly) are throwing in a couple of suprise items.


FFF seems to be missing the bar lately, and I still have one box left. They announced their price raise for their subscriptions earlier this year, and gave me the chance to “lock in” the old price, and I was like ehhhhh… I’m hoping that the Summer box is everything I could hope for, and then that will be that!


That Bump eraser I sent you not long ago is one of the FFF customization items.

Glad we got the chance to swap!

I might add it on but so far no change :frowning:

Yeah. I’m less then thrilled

Anyone else wake up today with an email and a welcome and thank you for your yearly purchase of FFF? I did not authorize this and just joined a new year in the Spring! I sent a message but I can’t believe I was actually charged again!