FabFitFun Spring 2022 Spoilers

Looks like we’ve got FabFitFun spoilers for categories 1-3! What’s everyone picking?


There are so many great options……

Selection 1- Loving the Robe, Fenty glosses & Lazy Susan
Selection 2- that Kate Spade wristlet is so cute & the Farmacy Halo Moisturizer is a fave!
Selection 3- my faves are the Kate Spade Opal Glitter Studs & the Prive Sunglasses…

So many great choices! I’m in trouble … :wink::woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’ll really excited. Farmacy honey halo and Erin condren for sure, though I hope I’m able to swap for the Kate spade earrings.

Category 1 I like the lazy susan

Category 2 I think I’ll go for the accupressure mat, I’ve been meaning to get one of those!
(And a fair warning about the KS wristlet, it’s a bit smaller than a standard Ipsy bag and will likely barely fit a standard phone, my iPhone pro max definitely won’t fit)

Category 3 I kinda was everything so we’ll see!

Do you want my “I’ll have FOMO if I don’t get all of these” list, or my “I’m gonna try to be good” list? :laughing:

Ok fine, here’s my (somewhat embarrassingly) big list:

Cat 1: Lazy susan, Navy robe
Cat 2: KS Wristlet, Slippers
Cat 3: KS Earrings, EC stationery

Who knows if I’ll actually go for all of it. And yes, at a certain point it makes the most sense to just get a second box (and I may or may not have a second account that is activated for and deactivated after a given box).

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If I looked at it right it only said it came with the pillow, not the mat. (Just might want to check and not be disappointed). I got a mat and pillow on Amazon for a pretty good price if so.

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Yeah I think it is just a pillow, thanks!!

Category 2 is the most underwhelming to me. The Farmacy might be alright, the Perricone I would want but it’s rose scented :nauseated_face:. The wine glasses are a maybe but I don’t love them. The claudalie is probably my second choice but I just have so much skincare. The slippers are pink, and the wristlet is pink, plastic and tiny.

I had been meaning to try accupressure, so it seems like the most reasonable choice

You’re fine :joy:, I have two annuals and occasionally make an extra account and get a 40% off fomo-fixer
I was with FFF for a year and a half, then off for a long time, and then came back with summer 2020 and went in for annuals with fall 2020. Winter was also a winner for me, but this box is a bummer so far.

I think this box is shaping up to be the one I will get the fewest of, so far I’m only getting one of my annuals and then will wait for things to go on sale.

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spoiler 4 is out!

The video

FabFitFun Spring Box Must-Haves! | Customization 4 | Customize Close-Up - YouTube

Will have to look into the hair items, but nothing is calling my name so far

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Ugh. I thought the same about the rose scent. I know some people love it in their skin care, but :face_vomiting:

Hi ladies! Here are my questions/comments on Category 1. (I’m still digesting the info for the other categories. Gotta take it slowly. LOL)

Does anyone else think it’s strange that there are choices with such a huge discrepancy in (stated) dollar value in this category?

  • Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak ($38 Value)
  • Alice + Olivia Daisy Print Duffel Bag + Bucket Hat ($235 Value)

I have been a FFF subscriber for a long time, and I haven’t picked the Alice + Olivia Daisy Print Duffel/Hat yet. For those who have them already, any comments? Are they good quality?

I like the Caravan Home Lazy Susan, too.

Was thinking of picking the Alice + Olivia and then adding on the Lazy Susan, assuming (hoping) it will be offered as an add on.

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I also haven’t gotten my hands on the Alice + Olivia, but I might skip this season depending on the remaining items. Nothing really jumps out at me :dotted_line_face:

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Anecdotally it seems the A+O duffel is decent quality and good for weekender trips - I already have like 5 weekender type bags so I didn’t select that, so no personal experience.

And yes, the value differential is annoying, but I’ve seen it before. I think part of it stems from some very overly inflated valuations (like, there is NO WAY that polyester robe is appropriately priced at $198). It seems to me like a lot of the “designed for FFF” items (like the robe, and the A+O duffel/hat) have the elevated RVs, and then established products (like the Fenty highlighter) have more normal RVs.

Also, the duffel and hat were previously separate items. I suspect here FFF has a limited number of the other items in that category and is trying to entice people away from them (to minimize the complaints about low stock) by offering a 2-fer with a high RV (and also trying to clear stock of them out of the warehouse). Well, at least that’s my personal theory on that, FWIW (not much, I know :rofl:).


1000% with you. Even the slightest hint of it makes me gag. :nauseated_face: Ironically, I like the smell of actual real roses. But that fake rose smell in beauty products I cannot handle in the slightest.

Exactly! Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that. Well… :joy:

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So, I am happy to report that there is only a single item I want from Category #4. :rofl:

(But of course that’s the case, as that’s the category where additional items are only $7 vs. the $10 and $15 categories where I want more than one thing :woman_facepalming:t2:)


I think I’m only getting one box of my two annual, we’ll see
Category 1: Caravan lazy Susan (maybe navy robe, duffel or fenty highlight if I get the second)
Category 2: Accupressure pillow (maybe wine glasses, farmacy or claudalie)
Category 3: Sunglasses I think, I want all of category 3 except the umbrella
Category 4: Mystery item. I want none of category 4
Category 5: Hair clips or mystery
Category 6: Hourglass

I most want the Hourglass and sunglasses but I also want the KS earrings and Erin Condren, so we’ll see!

Ok Category 1: Lazy Susan
Category 2: Honey Halo
Category 3: Kate Sommerville
Category 4: Jose Maran
Category 5: Earth Harbor
Category 6: Milly Case
Hope I can get some add ons LOL

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Hmmm. We could work something out. There is nothing I want in 3 and 3 things I want in 4. :joy:

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This is such an odd box for me in terms of my enthusiasm level:

  1. Lazy susan, navy robe
  2. KS Wristlet
  3. EC stationery, maybe KS earrings
  4. Spoon rest
  5. (nothing too appealing to me - will probably pick the Earth Harbor mask)
  6. (completely stuck on this one - not really interested in any of the options)

I’m most looking forward to the lazy susan and the spoon reset (aka - you know you are an old fart when…)