Fall Breo Box

Hi all. I’ve never subscribed to Breo Box before but I’m really intrigued by their first spoiler for the fall box. They have a deal on their website - $30 off your first box OR a free gift with the box, which they’re saying has an $89 value. Has anyone gotten the free gift before? What was your gift? Trying to decide which way to go.

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@dimplesg520 I haven’t gotten the box in years but I would take a money discount if it was me.

Great question! I’ve wondered this as well…

My best guess is that it’s the mystery box they have listed in the shop. Which will be other past box items they have listed (and available) in the shop.

Personally I would take the financial discount, but I’ve also gotten boxes before so I would be less enthusiastic about past box items than someone brand new to the box. With that said, any past box items they have available are some of the items that weren’t so popular.

Thank you all for the input! I have liked a lot of their past items but have never been able to swap for them, so I think I might go with the mystery box… but I’m going to wait to see what the second spoiler is, at least.