Favorite fragrances

Hello all! I was just wondering if there are any frag-addicts here? :slight_smile:
I adore fragrances so I thought it’d be fun topic to discuss.

What is your signature scent and why?
Any new discoveries that wow-ed you, and why?
Any disappointments?
Maybe you found you favorite perfume through the subscription box?

My signature fragrance is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I have been wearing it for over 15 years and it’s just such a beautiful balanced scent (not too heavy, or sweet). I feel like I can wear it all year round and the longevity is very good.

My most recent discovery that really impressed me is La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier. First of all- how gorgeous is the bottle?

So pretty!
The fragrance itself is like a dessert, really, at least to my nose. Drunken pear mixed with scoop of ice-cream. The longevity is insane, you definitely don’t need to reapply, you only need a few sprays.
I love wearing it during the colder months, otherwise I see it being really cloying during the warm seasons.

The honorable mention - Maison Magriela Replica by the Fireplace. I actually discovered it last year in one of the subscription boxes, and I instantly fell in love. The fragrance lives up to its name - it really smells like the fireplace in a wooden cabin. It’s such perfect and comforting scent during the winter months.


My favorite is Bvlgari au the blanc. It is powdery and peppery and I love it. I can’t remember which box I got the sample bottle in but I have been in love ever since.

I also found by Rosie Jane Leila Lu sideways through sub boxes. I think they sent out Rosie scent and I went and bought the others. I wish the scent lasted longer, though.

I love perfumes and I am sure I am forgetting some of my other favorites!

Actually, I got the Bvlgari in. Glossybox!

I’m so intrigued by the Replica fragrance. I bet that’s super cozy!

I have two signature scents: one for warm weather and one for when it’s chilly. My warm weather/ everyday is Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant, which-- eek!-- I think might be discontinued?

The forest at dawn. The juicy bite of redcurrant. The zest of green mandarin. The freshness of rose softened with white musk. Enveloped in roasted oak.

My winter fragrance is Thé Noir by Le Labo. It’s my favorite fragrance of all time, but it is POTENT. One tiny spritz goes a long way, and I find it’s a little cloying in the summer heat. But I do love it so…

Thé Noir 29 combines depth and freshness, softness and strength through permanent oscillation between the light of bergamot, fig and bay leaves and the depth of cedar wood, vetiver and musk. A special extraction of black tea leaves wraps up the composition by bringing to the formula a dry, leafy, hay, tobacco feeling in the dry down to transform this creation into a sensuous and addictive essence.

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Thank you for starting this thread!

I’m obsessed with perfume! My absolute favorite is “Black Tulip” by Nest. It’s very sexy and seductive. I first tried it in a mini in Macy’s box. I haven’t invested in a full size yet, I hope to one day, (Nest is so expensive!), but for now I have a deluxe size. “This seductive chypre eau de parfum blends the sensuality of Japanese violet and Indonesian jasmine with the richness of patchouli and the freshness of pink peppercorn. Black amber plum and black cherry bring a dark fruity accord to create a sultry fragrance.”

I’m also in love with Caswell-Massey “Lilac Eau De Toilette” (from Luxor box). I swap for them whenever I can! “With a delicate floral scent and hints of suede and amber, the fragrance in this Eau de Toilette is derived directly from the blossoms of NYBG’s extraordinary Lilac Collection.”


In one of their final boxes, Happy Rebel gave scented oils in light and dark. They’re incredible! I’m not sure how to wear them, if anyone has tips. They’re oils with a dropper.

"Light: Bright notes of fruit, tropics, a gentle floral scent, and a drop of ‘sunshine’.

Dark: Masculine notes of bourbon, cedar, absinthe, and shaving cream."

So researching this, happy rebel’s store is still open! They have these oils for sale and theyve made them into CANDLES!

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Mademoiselle has been my go to scent for a couple of decades too. I get compliments all the time.

I have been interested in Gucci Bloom lately too.

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My new favorite is Mugler’s Alien Goddess. I’ve been rotating between that, Azzaro’s Wanted Girl, and Burberry Her.

I have to admit my favorite fragrance of all time is Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers. :face_with_peeking_eye: Some say it just smells like the '90s … one of my friends/co-workers would always say smelling it on me would take her back to that time. I’m not sure it was a compliment, even though others were always telling me it smells so good! I think it must work really well with my skin’s chemistry! ANYWAY … I still have a bit left in a bottle, and will buy more when it’s out. I still wear it from time to time. I used to wear it nearly daily for around 10 years … and this was definitely in the 2000s. But I just love it. I don’t think it smells outdated at all, but even if it does, I gotta be true to me! LOL.


I am a fragrance addict. My favorite changes from day to day. Today it is Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love, yesterday it was Vera Wang Princess. I have over three dozen full size bottles, untold dozens of travel/purse size, and at least 100 samples.


My 90’s fragrance of choice was Clinique Happy. Like your friend described, whenever I smell someone wearing it, it takes me back. But it’s definitely not a bad thing! I find nostalgic scents like that uber comforting.


You can’t go wrong with Clinique! I’m sure she meant it as a compliment, but it always made me self-conscious. #anxiety :crazy_face:

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I feel that. I, too, have an anxiety brain. :laughing:



I have been dying to get my hands on Guerlain Jicky
Can’t even remember where I heard it from, but I looked it up and the notes sound perfect for me. But it hasn’t been available lately and also it’s stooopid expensive so I would want to try it first if it was featured in scentbird or somewhere

Current go-tos are
Wakeheart Conscience Conversations and old reliable KVD Sinner

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My favs:

If they made a drink of Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar…omg :yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth::relaxed: