Favorite Swapper Memory!

For those of you that love to swap, what has been your most memorable swap? I have a few and am always happy when repeat swappers come across with requests. I think my favorite happened a month or so into the pandemic. It’s the only one that I did not mail. I had a really heavy swap that was going to cost at least $25-30 to ship. I was driving upstate to NY for a weekend girls trip and realized my swapper lived along the way (only needing to drive 15 minutes out of the way). She was open to a social distance swap and as a thank you, I included the walnut, wooden BREO anniversary box as an extra. I received the elusive, Happy Rebel Brandon Blackwood duffel and bonus, I got to meet a fellow swapper “in person”!


@tinacara that’s awesome!!

There are so many great ladies I’ve “met” on the swap site, I wish I could do what you did!