Forum was Read Only?

Last night there was a banner at the top of the forum that basically said it was Read Only - no commenting, liking, or posting, just reading. I tested it and it really was read only (i.e., I couldn’t post). Was that specific to me, or was that a forum-wide issue? I no longer see the banner, and I seem to be able to post, but am just curious about what that was (and if it was just me, if I did something wrong to land me in read only jail lol, so I can be sure to not do that again!).

PS - To those who celebrate, Happy Easter!


Hmmm, @Sherri that sounds like a bug. I’m going to tag our benevolent forum queen @Lindsey-MSA here to confirm.

Thanks so much for raising this @Sherri. (Thanks also to @Jessica-MSA for tagging me here.) I’m not aware of any scheduled maintenance, but it sounds like maybe an auto-update to our forum software that temporarily disabled posting. Please tag me if you experience further issues? I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @Lindsey-MSA, just in case it’s helpful, here’s a screen shot of the banner:

(The highlighting might be me - I was trying to copy/paste the text at one point.)

Thanks for sharing this screenshot @Sherri. I’ve done some additional digging, and I’m still not sure exactly what happened. Looks like it could be a bug, as @Jessica-MSA suggested, or maybe an update or maintenance from the server. Let me set your mind at ease that it definitely wasn’t the result of disciplinary action. Should the moderation team ever need to restrict a user’s posting ability, it’s our policy to reach out and explain why.