GoFundMe Campaign to Create a NEW SWAP Website and maybe APP

My name is Iana; I’ve been trying to recreate/replicate our MSA SWAP website for a while now. The cost of writing it anew comes down to about $4000. I’m willing to pay $1500 out of pocket. Please help me to raise the rest of the money, so we can start swapping, aka free shopping, once again.
I will keep all the records and display them publicly on www.mysubscriptionswaps.com. If I cannot collect the whole amount, the refunds will be made, and everyone will get their money back.
We all know how it is: all the beauty products are wasted in our cabinets and drawers. Let’s unite as a community and create a new subscription beauty SWAP site!
Everyone who donates over $100 will become a VIP member and get a 2-year subscription. Everyone who donates a substantial amount gets to be named one of the founders and have a free subscription for life.
When/if the site starts making income (from subscriptions or ads), I will refund everyone who has donated here. In the end, I intend to give all the money back.
And now, it is time to press that FUND button and make it all happen!
Heartful thanks for all your support and kind words,
Yours, Iana
:cupid: To find out more, and for the link to the campaign, please visit FORMER MSA SWAPPERS | Facebook :cupid:

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How much will the subscription fees be? Ty

I will know when the bills start rolling in. We will have to pay for speed, storage, and maintenance (after 6 months). I do hope that ads will take care of that. (And no obnoxious ads, at that) If so, no subscription fee at all :heart:

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What is the link to contribute?

Iana, they use to have an App. It was a really nice one too. It’s such a shame we lost both (the app & swapping), but it’s so nice that we got the forum back. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll check out the FB page you mentioned, to get the GoFundMe link. Thanks for caring enough to find a way for us to swap again. You ROCK! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for wanting to contribute! The MSA forum didn’t allow me to post the gofundme link in the forum, or in the comments. Therefore please go to FORMER MSA SWAPPERS | Facebook and see the link at the end of the post. Thanks again! Happy Holidays!