Had a swap disappear

More or less what the title says. I know the swap site is supposed to close as of the 8th, but today I had a pending swap disappear from “My Swaps” prior to either side receiving their package or leaving any feedback. I can’t find it under “cancelled swaps” or anywhere else. Luckily I had already printed out the mailing label. I also saved her email so I emailed her to let her know what is going on. I don’t know what else to do except mail the package out as planned. Is there a way I could have accidentally hit a button and deleted it? Has anyone else ever had this happen?

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@paigecouper (edited to tag)

That’s strange… I don’t believe there is a way to “permanently” delete any swaps. At best you can cancel, but then it goes under your cancelled swaps. In theory it would be under accepted swaps (specifically “leave feedback”) if you finalized and entered tracking info but hadn’t yet entered feedback.

The only thing I can suggest at this point is to go to “My Swaps,” and the select “Listings” (just under your profile pic), then select “Swapped Listings” in the upper menu bar, and look through there, and when you see an item that your swap partner had selected, click on “swapped” at the bottom of the listing (where it says “This item has been swapped” - only the word “swapped” is linked). If you do that it will - in theory - take you to the swap that included that item.