Has anyone tried the Friends sub box?

Personally, I know that this is 100% not something I need and yet I find myself drawn into the web of nostalgia. I can’t help but think I would smile every time this box dropped on my doorstep.

Me: I :heart: nostalgia.
Friends Box:


What do you all think? Any subscribers out there?

This is the latest review, for reference:

@Lindsey-MSA Thanks for posting this! I’ve been curious as well…

Curious, too. It’s intriguing.

CultureFly is the company who does the Friends box, and although I don’t subscribe to that one, I do the Star Wars Galaxy (nostalgia!!! :slight_smile: ) and Pusheen with them, and all the items are so creatively made, and most importantly - useful in every day life.
I love my fandoms but I prefer the merch that can be used on the daily basis instead of collecting dust on the shelf, and most of the items CultureFly sends are pretty useful.
So I’d say, if you love Friends and want more of it in your life (who doesn’t?! :slight_smile: ), go for it!


Oh, my son would probably love the Star Wars one!

I am a huge FRIENDS fan (quote it almost daily), but the reviews for this box always disappoint me. I think the items look so basic and cheap, and not any different than what you could find from somewhere like BoxLunch or even Target. The only item that really tempted me was the Unagi muscle tank. I alllllmost subbed just for that.

I do think CultureFly does a good job overall, though. I have gotten Pusheen Box several times (and just resubbed for the upcoming spring theme–GARDENING! :heart_eyes: ) and the items have been extremely cute, fairly good quality, and pretty useful.

Yeah, those are fun, especially the one from last summer, it was 100% Mandalorian theme, the baby Yoda paper clip holder was the cutest!

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Adorable! Thanks for the picture. And reply.