Has your concealer (or another makeup product) ever betrayed you? A tale told in three photos

Act one: Me, minding my business, doing my makeup

Act two: me, minding my business, going in to apply my Huda beauty concealer from my November Ipsy glam bag x, squeezing the tube to get it primed and ready- and some of it shoots out.

Act three: me coming to terms with the painful betrayal

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Aww!! That looked like it probably burned!
Btw, I have those cat ears in gray!

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Noooooo :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

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@Jessica-MSA can I just say how much I love you! :laughing: :heart:

How do you manage to look absolutely adorable even if your makeup is not behaving!

Side note: Iā€™m pretty sure I need concealer but am terrified to attempt. My inability to blend properly holds me back.