Have y’all cooked (or eaten) anything yummy lately?

I made this meal from blue apron last night and the squash was seriously mind blowing good for me. I forgot how good roasted squash can be.

Also if any of y’all subscribe to blue apron always pay the extra few dollars per serving to upgrade the bistro steaks to flank steaks. I was so much happier with the flank steak here compared to previous steak meals from blue apron that used bistro steaks.

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I love squash! What’s the sauce or whatever on it? It looks moldy. :joy:

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It’s the prepackaged garlic and herb butter that melted into it because of the squashes heat. I don’t think the reflection of my kitchen light helps the situation but I promise it’s not mold :sweat_smile:

Do you have a recipe for delicata squash you like? I have one and don’t really know what to do with it

I normally use butternut squash or acorn (my fav with butter and brown sugar. I do have this but haven’t tried it yet.

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I do lots of crockpot meals. Most recently was Three Bean White Chicken Chili and before that Vegan Kitchen Sink Chili, which has quinoa, beans, lentils, diced tomatoes, green chilis, and pumpkin! I also made a crockpot shakshuka with feta and naan.

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Looks yummy :heart_eyes::yum:
Mind sharing the recipe?
Thank you :blush:

Thank you! :pray::heart_eyes:
It’s very detailed! :+1::heart:

Which would you like? Happy to share any of them!

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The chilis… :yum:
Thank you! :blush::heart_eyes:

That chili does look super good!

I made two recipes over the weekend and I loved both of them. One was a slow cooked beef Thai massaman curry over coconut ginger garlic rice and the other was my chicken gnocchi soup but with some turmeric ginger and lemon for some immune support and extra antioxidants :yum:

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