Have you ever played with face charts?

I saw this post from Megan and was pretty much like :exploding_head:. I would never have thought to plan out a makeup look with a face chart, but now I’m wondering if I’m living alone over here in my face chart-less world. Do you use face charts?

  • What’s a face chart?
  • I know what they are, but I’ve never used one. (I thought they were just for pros!)
  • I use them sometimes… like if I have a big event coming up and I want to plan my look.
  • I use them all the time!

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Here’s the post that got my wheels turning:

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I can only say I know what they are since I read Megan’s post earlier today. Ha ha. I want to play with them now.



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I’ve used them if I’m designing something super duper elaborate and/or for someone else, but outside of college stage makeup classes I don’t generally bother! They can be handy but they’re more effort than they’re worth most of the time

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Interesting! I can see that. It makes a lot of sense to use them for stage makeup or film, any situation really where you need to recreate the same look multiple times. :thinking:

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Very helpful when you’re working with people who don’t typically wear makeup!

But for me personally I just smack colors onto my face until I’m happy with the result, get bored, or run out of time

In college I did my makeup to wake myself up. So if my look was super elaborate you knew it was gonna be a long day because I was not at all awake in the morning :joy:

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