Heads Up: Bespoke Post Price Change

Looks like Bespoke Post prices are increasing!

From the brand:

We wanted to let you know that our box price is changing. Boxes for Club Members will be going from $45 to $49, and for guests will go from $55 to $70. Shipping will increase to $4.95 (from $3.95) and shipping will be free for orders over $95. Club Members will be notified this week of the change and it will go into effect for those current members on March 1st. We will, however, flip over the pricing for any new traffic by the end of this week (1/28)


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Bummer. Everything is going up. I don’t know if the value will be worth it now?


When I was doing my post on my top 10 things from 2021 subscription boxes, I was working on it right after the new year. One of the things that shocked me was how many products had increased in price seemingly overnight with the new year comparing the original review to what the product was now retailing for. A good example is the Charlotte tilbury lip liner from the December allure box. When Megan wrote her review it retailed for $22 or $21, by the time I was doing my roundup it was $24.

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I got the Bespoke Post email today. My first thought was it’s still ok. I ‘could’ support it.

Every month, I look forward to what is being recommended to me, and every month, I skipped it. The items are beautiful, I can see the quality, the prices are somewhat in range, except for a few box that I would question their value. I skipped it because we don’t need it. We either have them, or it is simply not part of our lifestyle.

Maybe when things in the house finally break or something :thinking:

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I keep wanting to get boxes from them but can never justify it

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Small business owner here. I totally agree with you. I wanted to share that our cost of a t-shirt went from around $9 to over $15 over the last year. That is not including printing costs. Please excuse my French, but WTF???
We weren’t making anything on our branded t-shirts (after giving a good portion of out t-shirts away as promotional items), but now we need to up the retail price to $30.
Oh, and we still can’t get 2XL in the style we want.