Heads up- something to keep an eye on

I’m not sure about the validity of the claims, but there are a lot of rumors swirling online that Alltrue/Causebox has gone bankrupt. If you’re an active subscriber I would recommended doing a Google search or two and think about cancelling your subscription and contacting your credit card company.


Jessica - I’ve seen some of those rumors as well. CAVEAT/DISCLAIMER: What I am about to say relates to information I have seen on social media. Not everything on the internet is true (shocking, I know, lol), so please take this for what it is - not verifiable information. With that said: From what I have seen, AT/CB is unable to pay their creditors, and they are doing an alternative to filing for bankruptcy, where they are assigning all their assets to another company to liquidate them for the benefit of their creditors. Supposedly they have laid off the majority of their employees and have stopped operations. I have seen some snippets of the legal documents relating to the assignment of assets. I have also seen rumors relating to people who contacted their credit card company to do a chargeback, but that was denied because the credit card company knew AT/CB was no longer operating. Again, all of this has been on social media so take it with a HUGE grain of salt.

With that said, if you sub to AT/CB, I 100% agree with Jessica based on what I have seen. I would suggest that you screenshot your account info on their website, such as how much of your subscription you have left (if you are annual), any outstanding orders, etc. And as Jessica suggested, consider cancelling and contacting your credit card company.


How awful.
I hope the rumors aren’t true, but I wouldn’t be overly surprised if they are.
I know Alltrue has had a lot of unhappy subscribers since they changed from Causebox.
I hope subscribers aren’t left with no items and no refund.

They executed an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, which is an alternative to bankruptcy. The chat in one of the FB groups indicates that all employees were let go last week, and that no further boxes are going out. However, it also doesn’t look like they’ve shut down their website.

Anyone who paid by credit card might consider contesting with the bank if there is still time to do so - I have no idea how that should pan out. Otherwise, it looks like there’s a claim process with the administrator. I doubt there’s much chance of getting a full or even significant refund.

It’s pretty sad how precipitously they went downhill. I lost confidence in the company over shipping delays (among other things).

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@bambi with the receipts :eyes::eyes:




I used to subscribe when it was Causebox, and I was enamored by the “good” they were claiming to do, along with the acceptable items, and I even committed to a full year! However, when I received my final box, I had a weird feeling, so I decided not to re-subscribe, and then bam, we all got hit with the “we’re now Alltrue!”

Glad I got out when I did, and I hope that all current subscribers get refunded, or at least their remaining boxes.


I have a Sub withthem… so I sent an email. I will keep you guys posted.


Thanks, @dianacollins . Crossing my fingers for the best outcome for you

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De ja vous back to the days of Little Lace Box… I hope this one goes smoother. Since sub boxes are so widespread now.

There is some interesting content out on the inter webs about this- I guess someone made a video collecting everything known so far, and it raises a good point- if they haven’t paid vendors for the products yet, do they actually own the products? Can those products be liquidated? Something I’ve been pondering :thinking:

That would be Alexandria Ryan’s video: They Took Our Money & RAN! NO EXPLANATION or REFUNDS!? Alltrue (Causebox) Declares Bankruptcy?! - YouTube

I think whether AT owns the products (and therefore whether the products can be part of the liquidation) depends on the terms of the sales contract (to which we innernetz people are unlikely to be privy, plus I would presume there is some confidentiality associated with them). Taking possession might constitute transfer, and if that’s the case, it isn’t really an issue of ownership at that point, but rather one of breach of contract for AT’s failure to remit payment. The problem, of course, is that while the vendors almost certainly would prevail in a breach of contract suit, collecting damages is the problem - can’t collect what doesn’t exist. In the end, my hunch is that whatever assets AT has will be liquidated, and the proceeds shared among all the vendors/creditors. So every creditor will get something, but also every creditor will be screwed. That’s just my own take on things, but we shall see.

I feel like we should start a pool on when AT actually makes some kind of statement about all of this…


@Jessica-MSA, @Kai-MSA, and everyone else - the AT/CB debacle has hit Forbes: This Socially Conscious Subscription Box Company Has Suddenly–And Silently–Shut Down

The CEO of AT has confirmed for Forbes that they are in the process of undergoing the alternative to bankruptcy (ABC - Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors) and shutting down.

Not that we didn’t already know that this was happening, but having it more in the mainstream (vs. social media), and confirmed by the CEO, pretty much gives the confirmation needed.

Sorry to everyone who is a current subscriber. :frowning:

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I felt like the quality had gone downhill but I’m still a bit surprised it happened so fast- maybe because I thought they were such a bigger subscription box? Anyone else?

@Jessica-MSA - IMHO, things had to have been brewing for a while but only known to the corporate officers, who obviously didn’t let on. So I feel like it wasn’t suddenly per se, but more that the news came out/the matter was unhidden suddenly. If that makes sense?

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Thank goodness I don’t have a annual subscription!!! I thought about getting one, but then I was not happy with getting a seasonal box, off season!! I would buy them when they ran them on sale… I got a lot of great boxes that way!! So sad this went down… They had really great quality products and they just raised their prices… I am thinking they knew they may shut down, when they upped their prices… It is sad people bought annuals subs to avoid the increase! Maybe that was their last ditch effort to stay in the black!!

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