Hello? We’d like an extension on SWAP Site

Hello, @Jessica-MSA @Lindsey-MSA @Samantha-MSA @Kai-MSA @msa?

Is anyone reading our requests for an extension?

Please please please consider! Many of us have a large amount of requests right now from swappers trying to destash before July 31. I do not want to decline but there’s no way we can close them out in 3 days.

Please give us another month or two. ((begging))


Agreed. Even if the option to initiate a new swap is removed 7/31, it would be helpful if it could stay open long enough for the in-progress swaps to be completed (shipment confirmed, feedback left).


Hey Michelle and kelelievans,

We know people are disappointed that Swaps are ending, I’m sorry about that. We’re still planning to lock new swaps on the 31st as planned, but active/existing swaps and requests will remain open for an additional week so they can be completed. I’ve just posted in the other Swaps thread to say so.