Help me name my pimple- it’s going to be around for a while

This morning I woke up and a spot on my jaw hurt. It ached like it can only ache when I know there’s a deep under the skin pimple forming; the kind that will take forever to actually come to a head, will hurt the entire time, and I can’t do much other than try to soothe the inflamed area and use sulfur spot treatments when it gets closer to the top of the skin. I looked all over for a zitsticka patch because those can help in the early stages like this, and I swear there’s one in my apartment somewhere but finding it is a lost cause.
So let’s name my new face friend! And let me know if you guys would be interested in photos of how this ugly pimple progresses.

  • Cystic Sally
  • Elijah
  • Fred
  • Polly

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Def need pics!

I just want to say that I voted for Cystic Sally because I love alliteration!

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Cystic Sally has been fighting with a vengeance. I’ve been fighting back with daily sulfur spot treatments. I now have a second, smaller cystic pimple on the other side of my chin so we are having a fun time. I do think my spot treatments have helped to keep the pimple from being as big as I was expected, but it still aches. Hoping it’ll come to a head in the next day or two and then I can pimple patch it!

We never did see the pics … or did I miss cystic sally?

Cystic Sally is a perfect name lol! Have you tried differin gel? It’s like $12 and such a godsend for my regular acne and those deep painful chin things that pop up every month. I know you’re “supposed” to use it all over but just using it as a spot treatment works for me when I don’t need/want it everywhere. I always keep a tube on hand.

This isn’t Cystic Sally but her friend Cystic Celeste, who appeared on the other side of my chin. All of my sulfur spot treatments finally brought here to a head so I’m excited to use a pimple patch tonight.

Yay! Cystic Celeste “be gone!”