How Would Your Ideal Swap Site Work?

I understand that things can happen. I don’t get notifications sometimes. But, when you send a note with it, asking a question with it or something to see if that doesn’t work to let you know and see if another item would work or something and they never answer and just cancel gets me.

I totally get it.

That happens to me too, but I’m at the point where I’m actually grateful for that; at least they cancelled and I know they are no longer interested in swapping. What frustrates me is when someone requests, I pick items and leave a note, and then radio silence. Those don’t auto-cancel after 10 days like initial requests, so they just sit there. So I’m left wondering - are they ok? Are they still interested in the swap? Do they just need more time? Ok, I’m done whining now, lol.

Yep. I get that too.

Clear out the old, non-active members!!! I made a new swap account because I stopped getting swap notifications, and I emailed MSA to try and delete my old account. It’s still there wasting resources and cluttering up listings pages.
Also, it would be nice to have the real count of an item…right now listings show a quantity of 1 when there are actually zero available.

I have learned that there are people who can’t be bothered conversing, and those who think it’s a basic courtesy. I usually just delete swaps from the “silent” swappers, and always answer the latter type of swappers whether we can swap or not.
I definitely have favorite swappers, and I will save items for them if there’s even the chance that we will swap again.
As for the swappers who can’t even bother to say hello…I can only imagine what their lives are like (and I’m not thinking that their lives are great).

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I’d like to see expiration dates or the date you acquired the item on the swap listings. I see a lot of listings that are over 3 years old, and even some beauty items that have been in the pop sugar boxes. Pop sugar stopped sending out boxes almost 3 years ago.
Anyway, I don’t want to inadvertently swap for a 6 year old moisturizer.


It’s so interesting how different people’s preferences are. I’ve had awesome swaps where we quickly agreed on what we wanted without any discussion and others where there was alot of dialogue. I don’t have any expectations on how I want people to communicate with me but if someone’s profile says they prefer communication (like @Kate.Kemp), I try to honor that. My only pet peeve is when someone requests a swap, I respond with what I want and I am ghosted with no response or am cancelled without comments. It’s kind of annoying when they were the ones who initiated the swap. If someone requests a swap from me, and I am declining it, 99% of the time, I add a comment saying why. The other 1% of the time, I am just being lazy. lol!


Their lives aren’t great because they don’t send you a message saying hello with their swap? :neutral_face:


Yes, exactly this! I feel like I posted this somewhere before. lol. There are a handful of swappers I have swapped with several times and when they pop up, I always hope we can make a swap happen. A counter would be fun.

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Yeah, my life is decent and I rarely comment. If I do happen to not find anything worth swapping I decline without comment, but it’s usually because they only have beauty samples. I rarely ever get comments from people anymore since the swap site is pretty dead, but when I did it was people letting me know they had something from my wishlist.

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In addition to the flag for non-subscription box items, I’d like a way to flag expired/old items. During a recent swap, and looking through the swappers items, there were pages of items that are at least 3-4 years old and I think I have been swapping since 2015 so I could tell. Anything that old which is skincare, makeup, used, or food, needs to be scrubbed. But anything home, office, clothing, etc related should be ok to leave.

I 100% agree about old/expired items. (Side note: Not that long ago I was the unfortunate recipient of a 2+ years past expiration date item in a swap, that was beyond unusable. I understand that inadvertent oversights can happen but when I messaged my swap partner about it, just to be like, “hey, so this happened, nothing needs to be done but just letting you know to be aware” I was met with radio silence. Sigh. But I digress.) But the only hiccup there is that sometimes people (myself included) will list a new item received in Box X under the listing for the same product that was in Box Y like 4 years ago, because sometimes it doesn’t make sense to set up a whole new listing for the same item. When I do that I try to mark it as “rec’d in Box X in MM/YY” but sometimes I forget to do that, oops. I’ve seen others suggest having the system include a date listed for each item we post, which I think is a great idea and might help solve the issue? At least that way people know it’s old product? Just some random thoughts as I try to avoid work by checking the forum, lol…

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Something similar (with radio silence after bringing an issue to their attention) happened to me. It was a palette that I received, partially broken. The swapper did such an amazing job wrapping it, that it seemed like it had to have happened before she received it. I mentioned that I understand things happen, but to doublecheck before sending. No response. It’s just annoying that there was no acknowledgement that I had received a broken product. I probably wouldn’t swap with her again for that reason.

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I agree with pretty much everything being said. I especially get annoyed with items that clearly are not from subscription boxes. I don’t know how it would be regulated, but removing all that old junk would be nice. I’d also like a separate section for people who care about ARV and those who don’t (I’m on the side of those who don’t, but I respect those who want to adhere to it, but it makes swapping difficult when you get a request from someone with the opposite viewpoint).

I apologize if someone already mentioned this, but I do think it would be helpful to remove product listings that do not have the item available from a swapper. I can’t tell yu how many times I have been interested in a product, click on it to review who has it listed only to find that nobody does. In addition, I think all the products listed should be reviewed and duplicates removed, For example a listings for a Fresia Pear Spongelle from Fab,Fit,Fun might have multiple listings that are identical except one person created the the initial listing for the FFF Spongelle with the same scent and size under the Skincare category. Then another person creates an identical listing for the Spongelle, but lists it under the Body
category. Cleaning this up would provide consistency and reduce the need for people to cross list items under multiple categories. I personally don’t care if people list multiple sizes of an item such as a single Spongelle or a duo pack under the same header to cut down on the number of listings as well. I also think that all expired product and makeup listings over 3 years old should be deleted and that expiration dates should be required. A guideline could be put together for products that may not list an expiration date for swapper to follow such as mascara expires 1 year after listing, foundation 2 years etc.However, items that do have dates such as sunscreen, food etc.,at least something should be written in this expiration field. Finally, I also think that Retail Value and the month/season and year the sub box was received such as Birchbox May 2022 or Fab,Fit,Fun Spring 2022 should also be required to be listed. I have not requested items from people because I don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out the retail price or additional information about an item that is likely in the review if I can’t find it online, That’s to all for hearing me out :grin:

Please add this option to the sort feature (after clicking on a item’s listing): 1) Sort by last active. (It stinks when I have to scroll through a few pages to find someone with an active profile that has the item I want.) and 2) Sort by swappers that are following your items

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This annoys me too. I actually told a swap request that I was declining it because most of her items were either used or didn’t appear to be from any subscription boxes.


I feel like I am seeing more and more listings lately that very clearly aren’t from subscription boxes. I’ve seen multiple instances of products from GWPs from beauty stores being listed, for example - and I know this because I got the the exact same GWP at the same time, and recognize the contents. I also remember seeing one listing not too long ago where the person stated in the description that they had purchased the palette at Sephora and they considered it to have a higher swap value since they paid full price for it. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I like swap matchmaker as is. I will look at all of the potential swapper’s listings to see if we can generate a larger swap (thereby being efficient about shipping costs). It means being proactive about following listings, but that’s on me to do.

I also like it when listings show whether the swapper is following any of my items. That tells me there’s at least some interest.

I would like to see admins being more proactive about removing scammers. I am still waiting for resolution of an issue I flagged late last year, even after repeated follow-up emails.

I generally don’t swap for beauty products because of my concern over dated products. Would it work to automatically delete product listings after a specified period after the item was featured in the box (6 months or a year, depending on what it is)?