How Would Your Ideal Swap Site Work?

Yeah…Swaplifters suck so bad. In defense of the swap site, there’s not much they can do in terms of immoral activity even if they wanted to.
All you can do is limit your exposure and hope that you are swapping with honest, nice people. There are plenty of crappy swappers (I know firsthand), but the majority are great.

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If they ever redesigned swap site, I’d like to see the folllowing-

  1. The system automatically sends a reminder to swappers who have not entered shipment information after 3 - 4 days. (I’m panicking right now because I sent almost $300 worth of beauty and non-beauty items to a swapper in exchange for a $125 non-beauty item around May 25th. She received it May 30th and has yet to enter my tracking number or respond to my messages.)

  2. Add retail value box under size box so we don’t have to scroll to the description when calculating our swap. (A market value option would be nice too, but I know some swappers are stuck on retail for retail value. Sorry, but I don’t believe a $99 FEED tote is the same as a $99 face cream. lol)

  3. Keep the positive, neutral, and negative rating area required, but add optional checkboxes to the feedback area (quick shipping, slow shipping, secure packaging, item as described, etc). If someone has a-lot of slow shipper ratings like the person I’m waiting on now, I wouldn’t panic if they are taking longer than usual.

  4. Add “dispute” option or something similar to initiate a dispute between non-responsive swaplifter or swapper who sends wrong, broken, or used item AND has not worked with you to resolve. Remove swappers after a certain number of investigations ending in the initiators favor.

  5. Remove eBay option. In my experience, most swappers who list their eBay items aren’t willing to swap at all. They only want to sell which defeats purpose of the swap site.

That’s my two cents (or 5)! lol


That’s awesome @michellew925! Very detailed & address issues related to the swap itself.

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In a perfect world I would like to have the ability to add items to a swap I have started by selecting the category (Accessories, Kitchen, etc.). Currently, once you select a product and start the swap you can’t select a category to add additional strong textproducts. You have to scroll through all the products until you find the next product you want to add instead of selecting a Spongelle as my first item and then being able to click on accessories to add Foster Grant Sunglasses.

Along the same line, I would like a feature added that allows me to search my listings for find a particular product. For example, if I want to see if I have a Spongelle in Freesia Pear, I would like to have a search box that allows me to type in Spongelle and it returns a results page showing all the Spongelles I have listed.

So true. Especially when the listing is hundreds :face_with_hand_over_mouth: