If you could create your own subscription, what would it be? 🎁

If you could create your own subscription, what would it be? :gift:

Every week in my My Subscription Life column, I ask members of the MSA team what kind of box they’d create if they were given the opportunity to design their own subscription. From curated boxes of natural beauty products to hybrid concepts that would send a different types of products, everyone’s idea about the perfect subscription is a little different.


What’s YOUR perfect subscription?

Would you send your subscribers a different eyeshadow palette each month? A perfect recipe paired with a fun cooking tool? A great classic read and some tea?

Tell us what kind of subscription box you’d create below!!

Reply to this thread with your submission for a chance to be featured in a future post on MSA. If you see a reply you like, make sure to vote for it with a :heart_decoration:!

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I love boxes like FabFitFun and Singles Swag, they have a large variety and could include a multitude of items; household decor, makeup, jewelry, clothing, accessories, candy, skincare, body care, stationary, snacks, drinks, some natural items, some possibly not. It keeps things exciting and interesting and all centered around some sort of cute and quirky theme.

My perfect box would have fresh coffee beans, a fabulous piece of chocolate, a small bottle of wine, a quirky pen with a few sheets of paper or unique notepad, an awesome new coffee mug occasionally, wipe off themed place mats for all the obscure holidays, a small tech gear item like a phone holder, probably a really good classic book but not a self help one, fingertip towels(with all the holdiays or one a month) because I can never, ever find them in stores anymore, a wonderful hand cream, candles sometimes,a new lip product, a blank card and a stamp to send a monthly hello, perhaps a good looking faux plant, good exercise equipment(I better stop now, lol) I need the perfect workout box.

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Haha yes this sounds like FFF or Bombay and Cedar (when it finally arrives!):joy:.

The box I want has a nice candle, a small batch bar of soap (with NO patchouli), and a bottle of an interesting liquor with a cocktail recipe card. :bath:t5:

The box that I feel like I always used to get contained black eyeliner, black mascara, a scarf with an insane rv, one sachet of tea, an oddly dusty mug, a handful of loose hard candies, and a beauty product sample with absolutely no instructions anywhere about how to use it or what it is.

Love the idea of the candle, soap, and cocktail box! I would totally sign up for this. (And 100% with you on the patchouli.)

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A fragrance subscription. You would get ~5 sample vials per month and it would sort of run on the Ipsy model. You’d get a pick plus several “surprises” based on your scent preferences.

I’ve tried Scentbox, -Bird and they are fine, but I would like more variety per month and don’t need whole travel size product each month… This subscription would be in the $10-12 range. They could include rewards like a free full size or something with an annual sub, and all subscribers would get a percentage off purchases of full size fragrances.

I know that fragrance samples are generally free and Macy’s sends freebies out monthly, but they are always the same brands/scents.

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Speaking of fragrance samples…. I’m sorry if I can’t ask this… it just reminded me ….

Anyone interested in some? I know I have probably 35-40 sample cards and at least one deluxe sample. The last pic I have is old so I know there are more and a couple of these might be gone. I can take new pics if there is interest. I would love to do a bundle and get them out of here!

I also have over 70 older (By that I mean I no longer get them and they have been stored in plastic tubs) Sephora Play, Ipsy bags, Macy bags, cpl Ulta and Tarte.
I would love to bundle these (or some) if there is interest. These are older pics so I know there are more but here’s just a few samples.


The one my husband and I considered creating is a postcard subscription box: get a collection of postcards (probably 6, maybe 5) every month. We already have a small postcard business, so this could be fun and help build the business. However, we love traveling, and we just felt it would be too complicated when we’re away, etc.

Other “perfect” boxes could include natural/organic products (skincare, hair care, food, drinks, etc.), books, stationery…
I also love the ones that involve opening surprises as you read a book… Super fun - makes the book really come alive! And, these surprises could be some of my faves from above.

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I’d like a card subscription like Erin Condren, complete with markers and maybe a planner. I think this would be a fun one… (There may already be one?)

I also like FabFitFun and Alltrue…Merge the 2 together… FabFitFun stuff that is ethically sourced, Women and Black owned business’… Complete with a special snack treat each box. AND the box ships like FabFitFun and not like Alltrue (which takes several months to get).


I would be interested in the Ipsy bags!