I'm terrified, y'all!

I just got my New Beauty test tube and was excited to see a peel off mask in there. I’ve only had one bad experience with a peel off mask (which ironically came in the NB box) and it felt like every hair on my face was pulled out. Ouch!

Well, this one is the Miss Spa Pore Sure… and I think I might be screwed for sure. It went on like i was putting molasses on my face and difficult to apply evenly. It feels hard on my face. But hey, maybe i’m freaking out for no reason. And if i make it through this, maybe I won’t need to wax my face!

What are some of your favorite peel off masks? My fave is the glamglow glitter mask.

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I’m not familiar with peel off masks.

If you start to peel it and it hurts, can you just wash it off, like gently scrub with warm water, to get it off?

Otherwise yeah, I guess no extra waxing needed!! Maybe it’s a 2-in-1 product! LOL

Sorry to laugh, but you’re quite amusing!

Good luck and tell us all how it went!

@Kate.Kemp it was as horrible as i thought! I feel like I just ran a marathon trying to get this peeled off and lost count of the amount of times I said oh my god when peeling. Lol! Finally after 20 minutes, i washed off the rest because i couldn’t remove it from those parts. My face is very red and burns… and i don’t even have sensitive skin!

Peel offs do wash off easily. I was reading in another thread that people dislike those large, thick, makeup rounds from a FFF box but I love them. They were gentle with removing the rest of the mask.

Now I have a soothing sheet mask on…I will not be turning on my camera during video calls today! :joy:

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@Kate.Kemp and btw, it is kind of funny the things we do to ourselves for beauty, haha

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LOL I love the phrase: pain is beauty!

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with it. I’ve read that most peel off masks are actually damaging because the pulling causes micro-tears in the skin which can then turn into wrinkles. But it was years ago that I read that so I can’t substantiate it; I just know that I’ve been wary of peel offs ever since.

A Sheetmask to calm is a great idea! I like to “double mask.” By that I mean I’ll use an exfoliating or cleansing/purifying type wash off. Then straight away use a hydrating/moisturizing wash off mask. They balance each other. It takes longer but my skin loves it.

@Kate.Kemp i like the double mask idea. I’ve got so many sheet masks piling up.

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Ouch! Poor thing!

@tinacara You poor thing! Peel off masks are really tough on the skin… when I read on the front volcanic ash & orange oil I was worried for you… they can be very active/harsh ingredients.

Boscia used to have a peel off mask that I liked for pores. I used to only apply it in a small areas… Center of the fore head nose and adjust on either side of it and then the chin. If you’re looking for something that takes congestion away, just use it where your skin would have that, versus all over.

If you love masking like I do, I will sometimes use two different masks at the same time… To target different areas. For example I will use the charcoal mask from Origins in my T zone for congestion & then their avocado mask everywhere else.

Have you tried any of Peter Thomas Rothy’s masks before?


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@Caryn i love doing that too (different masks for different spots). I haven’t tried the ones you mentioned but will check them out! And yes, i should have been wary of the volcanic ash reference… it definitely felt like dried lava on my face haha.

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@tinacara I just literally giggled out loud reading your comment that it felt like lava. I appreciate your sense of humor. I am so sorry that you had your face feel like it was going to fall off. That’s not a good thing! If you have questions about the Origins masks or other masks in general I’m an esthetician so I’m happy to help you out!

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Slightly OT, but is it just me, or has the New Beauty test tube sub gone downhill a bit lately? I know the brand of that mask (Miss Spa) from Target - not that there’s anything wrong with some Target brands, and it’s always nice to discover a new fave that is affordable, but I thought that this sub used to be a bit more focused on higher end brands. No?

I’ve never subbed, but I would periodically check out spoilers and reviews (because I’m always wondering if there’s a sub out there that I just can’t live without, LOL) and my recollection is that they used to be better (that being subjective of course).

Just hopping in to say you have fantastic brows! :star_struck:


@Lindsey-MSA lol! I was just on a video call with my camera on and depending on the angle, one always looks thicker than the other. I CAN’T stand it haha.

@Sherri I have subbed this box for like 10 years now and sometimes the boxes just don’t cut it. But I personally love the mix of low and high end items in the box. Sometimes the repeat brands are a bit much (Grande, Glo, Dr. Dennis Gross) but generally this is one box I’m constantly introduced to new brands I don’t always see in other boxes. And I think there’s usually high value serums and creams in the box.


I agree with @Caryn - Boscia makes some fabulous peel off masks; and those are about the only peel off masks I trust to use. Their cactus peel off mask somehow hydrates my skin and leaves it glowing. Other than that, I am a HARSH critic of peel off masks, and strongly dislike most of them.