Inclusive Brands: What are some of your favorites?

I read an article recently about how elitism had previously been the way some brands would market to individuals. There had been an emphasis on cultivating an image (whether intentional or not) of privilege.

It got me thinking; how many times had I looked at products, brands, even the models promoting it and thought :

When I lose this last bit of weight, I’ll be able to wear that
When my acne gets better, I’ll be able to try XYZ

It was almost like I would only permit myself to try a product or service until I felt “worthy” of it.

Then I would think about my little sister, who has special needs, and how she must feel, about rarely being represented.

That’s a big reason I feel so grateful/hopeful/inspired to see brands boldly embracing true inclusivity over the last few years.

So, I wondered, has anyone else felt similar to this?
If not, that’s more than fine! I think cultivating discussions around topics like this is the best way to learn from each other.

So, (hops off soapbox) I thought it might be helpful to highlight inclusive brands, products, individuals, resources, podcasts, (really anything) that we’d like to share as a community.

My Current Top Inclusive Brands/Resources
-The Daily Shine: One of my favorite meditation Apps (probably because it doesn’t feel like one at all) The two women who created Daily Shine did not see themselves represented in the mainstream health and wellness space and wanted to create a space where others would not feel ostracized.

-Acne Positivity Beauty Bloggers: Cotty Concha, Oyintofe Oduyingbo are just two of my favorites. I never even knew about acne positivity until about a year ago. How much my 10-year-old self would have benefited from seeing individuals with cystic acne like me being able to project an image of beauty and confidence that, frankly, I still struggle with.

I want to hear from the community! What are some inclusive brands you’ve gravitated to?


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I really have been loving Rare Beauty lately. I believe their products were designed to be more easily applied for people with mobility issues, the performance is fantastic, and they show a truly wide array of body types and ages in their marketing- plus they spend a lot of time talking about mental health!


When it come to beauty products, I have been using Danessa Myricks Beauty items. Products are AMAZING & she’s a lovely human being. Supporter of everyone.


@Caryn her twin flames eyeshadows are so stunning

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