Introduce yourself!

I’ll start!

:wave: Hi, I’m Lindsey. I’ve been writing for MSA since 2015, and I’m your Forum Community Manager. I’m here to help make sure this is a welcoming environment for everyone, and I can’t wait to get to know you all. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I’m here to help! My proverbial door is always open.

Outside the sphere of MSA, I’m also a professional baker, content creator, puzzle nerd, and big-time foodie. From chips and salsa to caviar and blinis, if it tastes good, I’m into it. With that in mind, you might not be surprised to hear that I luuurve food subscriptions. I’ve tried most of the meal kits on the market, and receiving things like cured meats and cheeses like clockwork every month makes me do a little happy dance.

When I’m not here on the forum or dreaming about food, you’ll probably find me in the bath (Molton Brown and Lollia are my bubble elixirs of choice) sipping an ice cold glass of Sancerre and tearing through my latest Book of the Month selection.


Hello Friends! :heart:

I’m April, 90s pop-culture devotee, and grunge enthusiast. I first began writing for MSA in September 2021, and now I’m fortunate to participate as a Forum moderator, and I’m “Ready to party!” {just envision Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids. The voice, the awkward air punch, all of it).

But seriously, remember the excitement you felt when your dELiA*s catalog arrived in the mail? Or the flurry of butterflies when your crush signed on AIM? Maybe this was all way before your time. Regardless, I want your Forum experience to bring you that kind of palpable joy, and if for whatever reason it veers off course, I’m just a message or a tag away.

Mostly I’m just really stoked to hang out with all of you, talk, and share all the things (beauty, wellness, dad jokes)

Excited :slight_smile:


My name is Angie.
I have been a MSA member since 2014 and have been actively involved in the swap site since then.
I have 5 dogs that weigh a combined total of 61 pounds.
I have become an avid plant collector this year. My favorite plant so far is a Hoya Krinkle-8.
I enjoy podcasts and audiobooks whenever I get the chance - they’re hand’s free which is good since I am constantly running around taking care of dogs and plants!
I have a bachelor’s in biology and an associates in culinary arts. My job is in the field of biology.
Nice to meet everyone!!


Hi all!

My name is Sharon - you can call me Shar also. I’ve been on MSA since 2015, and was actively swapping up until maybe 2-3 years ago when I slowed down. I still love swapping now, but it’s hard to nail down a swap just because everyone’s interests are ever-changing.

I love animals, but I don’t have my own. I love corgis because I just love how silly they look, and the way their butts wiggle when they walk. Corgis are just like a loaf of joy!

I am located in NYC, and working from One World Trade - the views are breathtaking, and never gets old. I love sweet treats, although I reallyyyy should cut down as I age :sweat_smile:

Hope to chat with you all at some point!




I’m Kate.

I’ve been active on MSA and the swap site since 2017. Thanks to FOMO, I sub to way too many boxes and love to swap for gifts for my friends and family.

I have an indie nail polish company with my best friend. We manage to work from opposite sides of the country. I love nail polish and have special storage containers to hold my collection (I lost count at over 600 bottles - which isn’t considered that much in the indie community!).

I love cats!! I have 2 boys: Gremlin age 14, Noah 13.

I really love the sense of community I’ve found on MSA and I’m here if anyone needs kind words or someone to just listen. I’m usually active in the evenings (night-owl!), I’m just a PM away, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!


Welcome, Kate! :heart:

First, I’m dying to hear about this nail polish company!! I was obsessed with Hard Candy in the 90s and did a deep dive of the founder recently.

So excited you are here!



Welcome, Shar! :heart:

Ok, loaf of joy is my new favorite expression ever :joy: :heart:

I too have a relentless sweet tooth. Thrilled to have you here, and can’t wait to learn more about swapping from you and the other swappers!



Welcome, Angela! :heart:

I can’t wait to hear about all of your pups! I think my Wyatt is almost 60lbs so I bet you have a bunch of little cuties!

Thrilled to have you here, and looking forward to swapping podcast recommendations!



Hi All!

My name is Caryn.

I’ve been swapping with MSA 2014. It’s been so much fun to try new items from sub boxes that I didn’t have, as well as help others fulfill wishes. Shipping costs became a bit costly, so I’ve slow down over the last couple of years, but still enjoy a really good swap!

I earn my living as a pro makeup artist & esthetician. The joy of my job is helping everyone feel good about themselves, whether it’s wearing a lip balm or full glam! Sharing tips and tricks is so fun!

I live in the Denver metro area, and I am originally a California native.

I love all things travel, my hubby and the newest member of my household, Mr. B. He was our pandemic pet and is a bright blue beta fish!

I’m so excited that the forum is back again, and I can’t wait to hang out and have some fun with everyone!


Welcome, @Caryn !!

I love hearing about everyone’s careers! I think it’s so cool that you are not only a pro makeup artist but an esthetician as well. :star_struck: The life of an esthetician has always fascinated me!

Wyatt was a pandemic pet as well, and he says welcome to you, Mr. B, and your Beta fish!


Hi Shar -
I love the phrase “loaf of joy”! I may steal that for my doxie!
I used to work on the upper east side at Rockefeller University - my view was only from the second floor but it did include the river. There is nothing better than the energy of that city to pep you up for a day of work!


Hi April -
I went to college in the 90’s, so I totally feel your devotion to the era. I was more of a 80’s/90’s “goth” (the Cure is still my favorite band and I have seen them 19 times) but I really miss flannel and Nirvana and Reality Bites etc…


Hi Kate - your cats are really cute. The name Gremlin is amazing!
Looking forward to hearing more about your company. I think it is so brave to start your own company.


Hi Caryn -
I am awful at makeup and always have been.
Part of it is the wonderful oily skin I was gifted with (I can’t complain since my wrinkle count is deceptively low for my age).
Finally at 48, I have found a prescription that keeps my skin fairly clear and now I have been experimenting with foundation. My favorite at this time is ILIA serum.


Hi Lindsey -
Thank you for all of your training and help.
What are your favorite pastries to make? I went to culinary school for pastry arts while my husband was in graduate school, but soon learned that I am a good baker but a terrible decorator!! :laughing:


@April-MSA Wyatt is the cutest ever! Does he have tons of energy? Here’s a pic of Mr.B…


@Kate.Kemp your fur babies are the CUTEST! :heart_eyes_cat:


@Caryn Thank you! The three of us have survived a lot together so we’re very close LOL


Mr. B is a stunner! Look at those colors!