Introduce yourself!

@lingz, glad you’re here! I hope you enjoy it. Welcome.


@lingz so glad you’re back & hope you come and hang out with us often. There are so many fun chats! So what was your favorite sub box in the past? Anything new catch your eye? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi… I’m Cheryl! I have been coming to MSA for a few years… I didn’t know there was a forum!! I am so glad I found it! I used to help run a forum and chatroom (lowcarbfriends) but it closed down sadly… I was really missing being part of a community so I am happy to be here!!



Welcome to the forums, @cherilynn8 !!

I’m so glad you found us! We might just be the best kept secret on MSA! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope you have a blast and make some awesome friends!

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Welcome @cherilynn8! We’re so glad you’re here! :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone. My names is Elizabeth and I have been on MSA since 2016. I don’t swap as much now as I used to primarily because I have downsized the number of subscriptions I have and really don’t need any beauty/skincare/haircare products, Thanks to sub. boxes, I am all set in these areas until 2050! I am fairly certain my swap stock will outlive me!

My 2 daughters are both grown up and even though it has been almost 4 years, I am still getting used to being a grandmother (or in my case, Nona). My oldest daughter lives in Florida, so I go down to spend time with my grandkids, ages 2 and 3 four times a year to give her and husband a break, as well as feed my beach addiction. When I am not working ( which is most of the time), I enjoy relaxing with my three fur babies. We have two cats that are shared with my youngest daughter until she finishes college and my 6 year old ball obsessed lab “puppy”, Hemi.

I currently subscribe to Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Alltrue, FabFitFun, Home Decor, Bombay & Cedar Quarterly Lifestyle, Journee, That Daily Deal Monthly Mystery Bix and my favorite, Beachly. At one point I subscribed to over 20 boxes (yes, I got seriously carried away!). I so glad that the forum is back and I welcome any questions you might have about subscription boxes.


Hi, I must start by saying IT’S ALL MY MOTHER’S FAULT lol She got me a monthly kit called the World Explorers Club. Once a month I would get a box and it would be all about a country. I think it was about the children there. I got a recording, a book and a toy or instrument from that country. So now I am totally hooked. Right now I am getting the Ipsy glam bag (the small one) and today I got my first Simply Earth box which is essential oils and recipes to make bath and beauty stuff. Looks great and I look forward to making my own scented candles.


Welcome, @dianacollins! I think it is great that your mom got you that box. It sounds so fun.


The World Explorers Club sounds awesome!! Glad it (ultimately) led you here. Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! We are so happy to have you here!!

I was born in 1953 and delighted that I’ve been able to appreciate so many decades.


I wanted to add that we were very poor and so it meant even more. and that i still love getting a fun box with surprises every month. I try not to read allllll the spoilers. I have tried out some boxes with all the specials. I tried Birch box and the Allure Box . I was never disappointed. I love the opportunity to try skin care for a few days before purchasing a larger size that is why I settled on the Ipsy Glam bag for my yearly subscription.

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I don’t think i introduced myself yet, so here it goes. I am 54 and have six children and three grandchildren. I have three boys and three girls. My youngest will be 19 in October, and my oldest will be 33 in April. I first started getting subscription boxes in 2016. At one point my family was subscribed to 31 subscriptions monthly! We have cut way down though now. We have two, possibly three dogs. We are fostering a dog and she is so sweet! We will probably adopt her. We have four cats and we foster a few too. We volunteer with a feline rescue too. We love to travel, have not done any traveling recently for various reasons, however looking forward to doing so soon. I am an INFJ and a Capricorn. My favorite color is blue and i love Mexican food. :heart: Looking forward to getting to know you all better.


Oh hi again everyone, Kai here!

Just wanted to say hello again–not sure everyone knows who I am. I write a lot of the daily content for MSA (spoilers, etc.) and I’m going to be around more often in the forum too.

The very shortest bio on me (you’ll find being long-winded is my default) is that:

  • I’m in my 40s (which I always kinda forget until I have to mention it),
  • I have a 22 year old daughter in grad school at NYU (ugh sorry, I hear my own mother in my mind saying “say it’s the Engineering School!”) doing things I don’t understand (virtual reality, augmented reality etc?),
  • I’m a New Jersey native and live nearish to the Delaware Bay,
  • and I have some sort of health condition where I am in love with BTS.

Also, I make so many typos. When I was in high school I used so much Wite-Out. So much.

I’m currently subscribed to FabFitFun, Birchbox, Ipsy and Freshly–and Allure!..and Margot Elena or Norlii may be next.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you all better and hopefully making MSA a better place to be online!


Great to have you here, @Kai-MSA!! Everyone, you’ll be seeing Kai around these parts a bit more often. She’s going to be helping out with the monthly spoiler initiative and can help with questions.

Welcome, Kai!! I’m so glad you’re here!!

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Welcome Kai!!

Can’t wait to give you some spoilers!

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Thank you Lindsey and Kate :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!!! I’m Luna, and I’ve been a part of MSA since 2016.

I’m so excited that the MSA forum is back, and it’s so refreshing to see all of the positivity & support in this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I started my sub box journey back in 2011 or 2012 with Allure’s Sample Society. I remember reading an Allure article about beauty subs back then, and since I didn’t recognize the other boxes they mentioned (Birchbox?!!? who are they??) I thought it was a safe bet to stick with Allure’s box since they seemed the most “legit” to me, lol. My sub box addiction didn’t kick in until I discovered MSA though (well done MSA!). I peaked at a few dozen boxes in 2016 or 2017, and I worked my way down to 0 boxes as of last Summer thru the end of the year. Yay! I’m currently subbed to three fragrance subs however since fragrances are a huge weakness for me. I’ve been in a phase for a while where I’m trying to focus on using what’s in my stash & hardly adding anything to it, but the addict in me can’t help but to keep my finger on the pulse of beauty deals, gwp bags, one-time boxes, and sub box spoilers, just in case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And even though I have a current goal of reducing the size of my collection, I still can’t wait until advent calendar season which my favorite time of year!

I have two 1-year old kitties named Bill & Ted. Bill is a white Ragdoll and is such a lover-boy, haha. Ragdolls are definitely the types of cats to own if you want a dog but can’t own a dog; they’re SO devoted, are your shadow, and are such loving cats. He loves to play fetch too!!! Bill loves to get his belly rubs… I think I enjoy giving them as much as he likes getting them! Ted is my little vampire kitty. He’s a black kitty (I think he has some Siamese in him) and he’s always showing off his top two fangs, lol. He’s also quite the talker so we usually have a few “Ted talks” each day. While they both can keep me busy & on my toes, they’re both such good & sweet kitties. I never take a day for granted with them. I always like to think that when they get older and have earned the title, I’ll start calling them Mr. Bill (oh nooo!) & Mr. T. :smile:

I loved reading all of the posts in this thread from those that grew up in the 90’s… because I’m one of them!!! I was a child of the 80’s and a teen in the 90’s. I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life, so being a teen in the 90’s when the whole “grunge” scene was happening was really fun. Although, I must admit I think I’m really an 80’s “teen” at heart. For as long as I can remember I have always wished I was born 10 years earlier because I think being a teen in the 80’s would have been so rad. I’m a bit obsessed with 80’s teen movies and I just loved the whole 80’s teen aesthetic. I like the big hair, lots of makeup, crazy clothes, pop music, you name it. It’s maybe because my babysitter’s daughters were in high school when I was a child and they’d sometimes take me out with their friends, and I just thought they were all the coolest. They were definitely the epidemy of an 80’s teen. Plus, being a teen then could mean I would have been in my 20’s in the 90’s and would have been able to see all of the 90’s Seattle bands in their early days. Well, I’ve been to my fair share of rock concerts since the late 90’s so I think I’ve made up for it. :smiling_face:

It’s been nice meeting everyone, and I look forward to participating & seeing the forum grow!

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It’s nice to meet you Luna. Long live the 80’s, as I type this an 80’s station is in my background!
Thanks to MSA I too am very addicted to boxes. I think May will be the month of what I have been waiting for. So much variety. There are so many limited edition boxes that I know it’s overload but I can’t help myself.