Introduce yourself!

Shalom! I’m Heather, I found this site when MUA shut down. I’m just getting my feet wet with swaps and this site, but I am looking forward to getting more involved!

I am a social worker and military spouse currently living in Seattle, WA. My current area of focus is Addiction Treatment with veterans. I have five cats, but only one with me here in Seattle (the others are with my husband back in Tennessee).

I have a variety of interest. In no special order they are Star Trek, reading, skincare, gaming, cats, crafts, mindfulness, and scented candles.


Welcome, @hpersellin ! Excited to have you here :heart_eyes:

I have several friends and family that live in Seattle. A few live on Vashon Island in fact.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your career, and your five cats! :heart:

Oh, and I’m attempting to improve my own mindfulness practice so I’m eager to learn from others’ successes. Always happy to share the resources I use if there is an interest as well. :grin:


Welcome @hpersellin !

Thank you for your service to our country! Yes, spouses serve too! I was an Army wife for 10 years (he was stationed at Ft Campbell at the time).

I hope to see cat pictures!!

Yay! A fellow crafter! Please post some pictures of your crafts in the “Crafting Corner” thread!! I’m lonely there LOL
Crafting Corner Thread

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Hello everyone! My name is Juliya and I have been with MSA since 2013-2014-nish … a really long time! :slight_smile: I have completed over 100 of successful swaps with lovely members of this community and all of my swaps were a positive experience. I think my first ever subscription was Glossybox back in 2012, but I wasn’t really impressed with them. I think I got more into subs around 2016, and I tried many subscriptions, but for the most part only Book of the Month and EveryPlate really stuck with me, I was on and off with others. Besides the two above-mentioned subs, I am currently also subscribed to 4 more (taking a break from Barkbox, my pupper have way too many toys to play with): Ipsy, Allure, Star Wars Galaxy box, and Lootcrate’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
I am an avid reader and a beauty junkie, and an animal lover, and since everyone is sharing the photos of their fur babies, here is mine- his name is Sarge, he is a German shepherd dog, of course he is no longer this small, but this is very cute photo of him when he was just a puppy.
Nice to meet you all!


Hi Juliya!

Welcome to the forums!!

Your dog is super cute!! My sister has a German Shepherd named Hunter (I love the name Sarge!!) and he’s a massive dog. With a massive tail. Like Godzilla LOL Is Sarge super protective of his humans? I know Hunter is. It’s probably a breed thing!

If you love books, pop on over to this Book thread


Hi Kate! Thank you for a warm welcome! You are correct- he is extremely protective which is awesome in one way but I always have to be careful when taking him for a walk, there were a few times he scared people on the street by his protective barking :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: He is huge Godzilla now too :grinning: hard to believe he used to be a small pupper before.


You’re so welcome for the welcome! LOL

My sister always worries about taking her GS in public because he’s so scary looking LOL and his bark! Omg even I get scared and he’s my nephew!

They’re amazing, majestic creatures though, aren’t they?!

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They totally are! And very strong :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! I’m Simran. I’ve been with MSA since 2020, and my goal is to make sure everyone at MSA and reading MSA has a great experience, which is why I’m thrilled that the forum is back! Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here! Also shout out to Lindsey and the mod team for all the prep work leading up to this moment. We truly wouldn’t be here without you.

When I’m not dreaming about new things for MSA, I really enjoy card making - sketches, stamps, scrapbooking, paints, all types. I think getting real mail is such a fun way to add delight to someone’s day. I am also a public speaking coach, which has proven to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Outside of that I might be plotting a new adventure with family and friends, hosting, soaking up a new fitness routines, and dabbling in something new. Right now I’m obsessed with plant based eating and coffee alternatives - a shakeup for the new year. Welcome any new recipes!

Thanks for being a part of the MSA community and the new forum! Happy exploring!


@Juliya @Kate.Kemp Wyatts new BFF at the dog park is a beautiful German Shepard named Nacho :grin: I will have to take a pic next time to show you both :heart:


Please do! :slight_smile: German Shepherds for life :slight_smile:


@Simran-MSA, If you’re looking for plant-based recipes, this is one of my favorites :yum:: The Meatball Shop’s Veggie Balls - Meatless Monday



Hello everyone!

My name is Lindsey. I live in Texas and I am currently a graduate student working towards my master’s degree in Biotechnology. I have followed the MSA page for years but just joined the group with the addition of the forum. I love all types of subscription boxes and like to change it up so I have new things to look forward to. I enjoy board games, video games, anime, traveling, playing musical instruments, golf, learning new things, and experiencing and trying pretty much anything and everything when it comes to subscription boxes. I am looking forward to meeting y’all!


Welcome, @lramosfreitas !! :partying_face: We are super excited to have you here!

You are good company when it comes to video games! :purple_heart: If you ever want to reminisce about old school Mario or Duck Hunt, I’m your girl :laughing:

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Forum! :hibiscus:


Awesome, nice to meet you! I am a big fan of old school Mario and duck hunt! My favorite Mario game will always be Super Mario World for Super Nintendo (first video game I ever played, and there happens to be a picture of me just old enough to sit up playing it :rofl:). I also love the Legend of Zelda games, another wonderful classic.


Oh my gosh, I might need to see that adorable picture at some point!! :heart_eyes:

My friend was telling me over the weekend that the Legend of Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald. I have not been able to confirm, I will have to do the google and see haha :disguised_face:


It’s laying around somewhere at my parent’s house out of state right now. :rofl:

I hadn’t heard that before! It definitely looks like it checks out, that’s so neat!! I will definitely have to learn more about that. Thanks for the fun fact! :smiley:

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Hi there,
I have been around MSA since 2017. I love to swap but things have slowed down. I still never met a sub. box I didn’t like. I have five children. I always look for things that might interest my big bunch. Husband included. I love a variety of music except country with alternative being my favorite. The tv I most watch these days is Masterpiece Theater Mystery on PBS. My youngest son has a disability so our hobby is watching every movie that comes out for kids and young adults. We love all things Disney and more.
I paint my nails once or twice a week for me time and read books and magazines.
Thanks for reading.


Hello @ebbgirls! :purple_heart:I know we’ve gotten to chat a little bit on here but I had to say I have a love for PBS as well. When I was in middle school my friend and I used to watch this show called “Are You Being Served?” and we used to crack up! No one ever knows what I’m talking about, I’m hoping you’ve heard of it :laughing:

Loved reading about your big family! My youngest sister has special needs so I feel you about all the great Disney and YA movies (though I’d watch them anyway if I’m being honest :grin:)

Happy you are here!

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Oh my goodness. Yes, I loved watching that show. I love watching British shows.
I can never grow old is my motto!!