Ipsy April Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus full bag spoilers… and a way to see some of your bag spoilers early?!

Hi friends! I’m able to work with Ipsy through their open studios program through work unrelated to MSA, which means I get a monthly glam bag and glam bag plus sent to me (and I still have a glam bag plus that I pay for….). They send them early, and my April box arrived today! I thought I would share with choice opening tomorrow for all my GBP friends- let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:
Note- my full bag spoilers aren’t eligible to be entered into the monthly spoilers alert post we have here on the forum.

I can’t get over how cute the Farrah brush set is and how the daisies on the handles match the bag. I’m excited to finally try something from Hause Laboratories, and Blaze is a really pretty pink-mauve shade.

This month’s bags are really cute- I love the daisy zipper pull.

I’m traveling at least once a month to see my boyfriend at the AFB he’s stationed at, so all of the minis that come in the regular glam bag are perfect for my life right now. I can stick this entire glam bag in my suitcase for my next trip and know I’ll use all of it (it’s two weekends from now and it’s also our anniversary weekend!). One thing to note is that when this box comes it doesn’t specify which item goes it in which bag. It’s usually easy to tell, but it’s possible that the full size hip eyeliner goes in the glam bag and the full size Karmela lipstick goes in my GBP instead of how I have it photographed.

I hope this helps! If you’d like me to share this every month, let me know :slight_smile:

Ipsy is showing all products for both regular GB and GBP, and also I can see my regular GB bag already. I don’t recall them ever making full bag options available before the 2nd, but I know for sure that they’ve never revealed regular GB bag contents before the 2nd. I’m assuming this is just a glitch, but we’ll see what happens next month.

Sadly, I didn’t get the brush in my regular GB. Even if the brush sucks, I want it bc it’s so danged cute.

ETA: Based on the product listings, you have the bags divided up correctly.

@Sherri - can we make our customization choices?! :scream::scream: I’m off to investigate

ETA: no customization, but I can see the regular glam bag. I hope I actually get it- it looks really nice, and my March bag has been lost but ipsy told me I had to wait until April 5th even though tracking hasn’t updated since March 16th when DHL allegedly transferred it to USPS

No, sorry. You can only see what all the options are.

@Jessica-MSA - Update: You can see the two Ipsy choices in your GBP. It takes a little work, but if you go to “See All Products” and you click on a given an item to go to its page, and then scroll down, if you have a “Also in your Glam Bag Plus” section at the bottom, those are your two products, the one you clicked on and the one showing up as the “also in your glam bag plus.”

I’m getting the BUTTAH SKIN Tea Tree & Aloe Exfoliating Scrub and the HAUS LABORATORIES Le Riot Lip Gloss in Blaze.


That lip gloss is really pretty! I tried it on tonight and my boyfriend said it made my lips look ~sexy~
Okay, I’m clicking all the clicks because now I must know. Will it be at the very bottom below the reviews, product details, and where it says “other glam bag products”?

I hope the generation skin eye gels and kopari CBD balm appear as choice items for me

I found it! Under “product details” and in place of the “other glam bag products” section.

I’m getting the Kimchi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Setting Powder in 03 Translucent and the Koa Life Vit-C Brightening Oil.

Yeah, I had to click all the clicks too - had to know, wouldn’t have been able to sleep lol (no, I would have, but still wanted to know).

I’m excited about the gloss, I’ve been wanting to try her formula. I was excited about the exfoliating scrub until I read it was clay-based and for acne-prone skin… I have really dry skin. So that’ll go up for swap.

In other news, I’m soooo disappointed - my regular GB shows the bag grayed out with a question mark, and says this below it: “Due to supply chain delays, your bag design may vary.” I basically didn’t skip this month because of the bags, and now I may not even get the regular one. :cry:

ETA: I’m hoping the KimChi powder is a choice for me.

I’d love to see them. Happy Anniversary!! Daisies are my favorite!! I’m not getting Ipsy right now so I’m going to have to get ahold of those brushes and bigger bag somewhere!! :heart:

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I had that happen to me with the tie dye bag from a few months ago. I reached out when the bag arrived (a bag I received before) and they reshipped me the correct one

Thanks. I do remember that, and that people contacted CS and were sent just the bag. Fingers crossed they will do that for me if I get an old bag.

That’s good to hear. I was bummed when I saw that I might not get the daisy bag (and I didn’t get the brush or have an opportunity to add them on :slightly_frowning_face:)