Ipsy choice and glam bag x reveal is tomorrow!

Is anyone else as excited as me? I always check Ipsy on the second of every month before I even roll out of bed.


I made my selections! What did you get? I really wanted the WOW hair volumizing spray. :cry: Hopefully I can swap for it later. This is what I’m getting. Not a fan of this lip color at all. Overall a GREAT value for the price! :heart:

@michellew925 i love that mzskin eye cream! If you need a link to any of the times I’ve written about it let me know. Those eye gels look nice too.

Here’s my box. I hated all of the choices in 2 of the entire categories (I don’t want sunglasses but I figured maybe they would be the most swappable?), but overall I don’t hate my box. I did want a PMG lip gloss and the mz skin eye cream, but overall I feel like the value is there. I wish the keys mask was in a different choice category than the hair mask- that would have made me a lot happier.

That’s why I got the sunglasses too! :joy: I’ve been wanting to try Keys products; I just wish they had more options. Hopefully the mask is good.

If you haven’t used the K18, be sure to use only the recommended amounts for your hair. It contains alcohol and will dry your hair if you use more than recommended.

@Jessica-MSA @michellew925 I got the glasses for the same reason! LOL

I’m really excited about the eye gels, Tula and lip mask thing. Other than that, I was planning on swapping the rest. Jessica, I’d love a link to your reviews of that brand. Maybe I should keep it?

@Kate.Kemp here’s the link to my top 10 products of 2021 from sub boxes, which features that eye cream and also has a link to my first review after initially trying it.