Ipsy Glam Bag Plus: Choice Day!

Today is one of my favorite days of the month: choice day for ipsy glam bag plus!

What did you get?? Did you receive everything you hoped for? Or was this month a total miss?

Share a screenshot of your bag along with your feelings about it!


I’ll start. Here’s my January bag:

I’ll be honest, out of the 5 spoilers, I wanted 3. I got none! I’ll be heading to the swap site to find the Polaar, girlactik scrub and the Milk mascara.

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This is my box. I hate that Milk mascara with a passion, so to know I paid money for it makes me actually a little bit livid. Very not in love with this month- I would have skipped, but I had redeemed my points for a Bread hair oil I wanted and when I went to skip it told me my points would have been refunded and I wouldn’t get the item (also, what gives with that). I’m looking forward to glam bag X in February though- do we know who the curator is?

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@Jessica-MSA is the mascara bad? I’ve never tried it but I read about it and it sounded really different and interesting. I’ve been exclusively a tarte mascara girl for almost a decade, but this milk sounded cool. Maybe it’s just a gimmick?

I hope you’ll be putting it on the swap site! I’m going there next to look for the things I actually wanted.

I haven’t heard whose curating the next X but I’m super excited!! I’ve gotten every X and haven’t been disappointed!

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I’ll absolutely be putting it up on the swap site. It smudges something terribly on me. It’s almost always in the Sephora favorites lash stash sets and I try it out every time thinking maybe something will be different and nope, it continues to smudge and flake.
It actually makes my lashes look pretty good but I can’t stand how it smudges.

Smudging is a no-go! I still want to try just to see if I’ll have the same problem, but smudging is the worst! Thanks for the heads up. I use their mascara primer (I think it’s called: white widow) and it works great.

Here’s mine:

I’m kind of excited to try out the Polaar cream, I have no idea why though, I’ve never even heard of the brand. Ipsy chose the Context Skin & Dr. Brandt also and I’m not even interested in them unfortunately. The last 2 were more of a choosing the lesser evil kind of thing. I’m not sure what Ipsy was thinking this month. Excited for GBX spoilers, seems like they’re usually spoiling by now.


@PenguinPrincess I’d never heard of Polaar before either but the write-up by ipsy has made me incredibly curious. Feels like SNOW!! I so want to try that LOL

When you get it, please let us all know how it feels!

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