Ipsy Glam Bag X May 2022 Chat

What did everyone get? Here’s my bag.

I love the first aid beauty toner but that’s the only “hit” for me in terms of things IPSY picked. But I loveeee the three things I chose for myself!

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Ipsy picked the what I call the “older lady” items as usual. I always tell them just because I am a certain age doesn’t mean I have DRY skin! lol. I have an oily t-zone and normal otherwise. Just a rant. They gave me the cream blush(fail), FAB toner, clay mask, TYS lip treat and the ST Jane serum. I would say 100% improvement from my prior box. I can try everything but the blush. I picked the SR since my first bottle is almost empty. I picked the Vacation sunscreen and the last category was not for me. I took the Starface for my acne prone girls. I was still waking up with coffee when I look very early and was surprised it was live. I feel satisfied with the price I paid. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Trying new things and having fun.

We were given the exact same items!

I’m so in love with the bag design this month that I chose the zip bag over some high end stuff. The other 2 ipsys get a free bag. I feel, that for the price of X, we should be given a bag (like when they had ultimate) rather than having to use one of our choices on it.

The wander beauty and the palette are the only 2 items I definitely don’t want. I’m super excited about the perfume!


Here’s my selections…

I think we literally have the same bag…. @Jessica-MSA

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