Ipsy Price Increase... Discuss

So, Ipsy has announced an across the board $1.99 handling fee for all glam bag levels starting with the July bags, so essentially a $2/bag price hike. GBX will also be going up to $58 starting with the August bag. So in essence, before taxes (and rounding up) regular GB is now $15, GBP is now $30, and GBX is now $60.

Aaaaannnddddd… Discuss…

Ok, I’ll start. I see less Ipsy in my life going forward. $16 (about what it’ll be for me w/ taxes) for regular GB is tough for me to stomach. If I got a bag full of Tatcha and Tarte type brands (two brands in my June GB) I’d be ok with it, but when much of what I receive is DLS/private label stuff, $16 puts me beyond what I’m comfortable spending. The price hike for GBP and GBX seems more palatable, but still sucky since there was just recently a price hike from $25 (for GBP). I totally get that everything is more costly now, and it’s still a deal, but where I personally land is that I’m likely to be doing a lot of skipping, and only getting a bag when I’m really loving the spoilers. (Side note: Ipsy has not said anything about improved products, shipping, or anything else for the extra spend, just industry-wide shifts have prompted the price hike.)

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I cancelled. I’m actually a fairly new Ipsy subscriber and have been enjoying it for the most part (skipping a few months here and there), but I really can’t justify another price increase for products I do not need. I’m kind of bummed, and I understand why they are increasing prices, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I have an annual glam bag now. The wording in my email tells me to upgrade! Confusion again with this company. Not sure what I will be charged. Unhappy for sure.

I’m sure they just sent the exact same email to every subscriber. My guess is that you’ll hit the price hike once your annual is due to be renewed.

yeah, I’ve liked Ipsy and all, but mainly because it was the cheapest sub… it’s feeling like a lot less of a deal lately (esp. as products I won’t use pile up)

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I think you’re spot on.

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I’m thinking about going annual on my GBP, but I’m not sure yet. Question- for those that have gone annual, when you click “go annual” will it automatically charge you when you click it? Or will it take you to a checkout page. I don’t actually know what an annual GBP subscription would cost me right now so I need more information. Any idea about the free gift?

So, I got a pop-up window encouraging me to take my regular GB annual. Similar to your screenshot with an offer of a free gift. The price quoted in the pop-up window is the same as the annual price listed in the help section. Here is what it says for GBP:

2022-06-17 21_09_28-How much does a Glam Bag cost_ – IPSY — Mozilla Firefox

So I think the annual will cost you $300.

Also, lately Ipsy has been sending out the PMD clean as a free gift. Seems they have an endless supply of them. I have literally NO idea if that’s what you would get, but it’s a possibility.

I am canceling after July. Not worth it, anymore!

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I can’t see myself cancelling until after the august glam bag x… but I am on the fence just considering how expensive everything is these days.

I would like MSA to show July spoilers for Glam Bag Plus. How do I contact them to ask?

MSA has a “Contact Us” section where you will find, well, contact information, lol.

Hi @joy82062 - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There is also a running spoilers thread here on the forum where if you know spoilers, you can share them there!