Is anyone else really happy the NFL is back?

I truly am a happy camper I now get to look forward to Thursday night football games, Sunday football, and Monday night football games. Football is my favorite sport, and I definitely am the kind of fan who will enjoy games even if my team isn’t playing (which is probably a good thing considering my Cardinals didn’t look too hot today). My fantasy football team didn’t do great today, but I have hopes that overall we will have a successful season.

Go Steelers! Football season is great, I enjoy it but can’t sit still that long for a game! Give me the second half. lol. My favorite sport is NCAA basketball.

@ebbgirls I was driving back from Houston today and that Steelers-Bengals game was INCREDIBLE to listen to on the radio. Like I’m sure it was great on tv but truly a great radio listen for a drive.

Every law school I applied to had a good football team after I went to a division three university, so Joe Burrow will always have a special place in my heart for delivering that national championship the year I graduated from law school. I’m officially a Bengals fan as long as they’re not playing the Cardinals.

It was so strange to not see/hear about Big Ben being under center though! The end of an era!

We are in NC now so we couldn’t watch the game since the Panthers were on. Had to listen on the computer. TV did switch over and we go to see the OT. Strange without BIg Ben.
I guess we are the only fans right now. lol
Have a great week.

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You too!!